Why Do Cats Enjoy A Window Perch Seat Box?

It may seem surprising to you to observe that your cat is always at the window perch cruising. You are not alone; many cat owners are amazed at this too. All cats love to climb the window perch to see what’s happening out on the street or garden. But beyond that, they love to stay on the window perch for many reasons you could never imagine. This article will provide brilliant answers to the question, “why do cats enjoy a window perch?”

Here are the reasons why your feline pal finds a window perch enjoyable.


Getting off the ground and sitting on the window, perch means security to the cats. Weird right? Don’t forget that cats evolved from wild animals—your cat’s need to protect itself just the way you do. Cats are small pets, and this makes it impossible for them to see outside from the ground. For this reason, they know the best thing for them to do is to get on the window perch to spot danger and protect itself. Asides this, to cats this is a way of telling predators that they are impossible to reach.

A great way to help your cat enjoy this is to purchase a quality window perch for it.  A quality window perch must be powerful enough to hold your cat’s weight, and wide to make it feel comfortable for hours.  If you can get this, your cat will enjoy staying indoor more while you also safeguard it from outdoor dangers.


Man engages in workouts to keep fit. Pets also understand the essence of workout like we do. Even though, your cat doesn’t understand what “workout” is, that’s precisely what it does.

Just like every other animal, your cat needs to be involved in physical exercises to keep them fit. More importantly, cats need to climb to maintain their weights, especially overweight cats.

If you have been feeding your cat with carb, you should not prevent it from climbing the window, since this will help it minimize the side effects of excess carb. This doesn’t mean you should feed your cats with excess carbohydrates. Did you know cats also suffer from diabetes just like humans? Well, climbing often can help cats with this health condition.

If you have stopped your cat from climbing the window perch because it messes it up or you don’t want it to get injured, purchase a reliable one for it. Remember, climbing is good for the health of your cat too.

Cats Must Scratch

Every animal is unique with their various attributes, as well as cats too. Cats cannot do away with scratching; it’s natural to them. Cats scratch to sharpen and shape their claws. Likewise, they scratch to mark their abode. But the sad news is that your residence is also your cat’s abode. This may frustrate you so much at times when you meet your furniture or other clothing scratched and torn.

The only solution to this is to declaw your cat, which is a harrowing experience for cats. Also, declawing may have severe medical complications, which may lead to a psychological problem such as distress. This is because the joints of the cats will be detached from your cat’s toes.

The best solution is to get a good window perch for your cat. The perch must be perfect for your cat to scratch without causing any damage to its toes.  Owning its perch will set your belongings free from getting damaged, often by scratches.

It’s recommendable for you to reinforce the window perch effectively. This will attract your cat to the perch and encourage it to go there often. This means your furniture will be free to some extent. You can achieve this by sprinkling catnip on the window perch. There is also a way to say no when you meet your cat scratching your furniture and the likes, carry it and place it on the window perch. She will be glad to give you a breathing space.

Fun! Fun!

The primary reason why your cat loves to sit on the window perch is not limited to the above reasons. To cats, sitting on the window perch means saying hello to everything outside. That sounds funny because you have never heard your cat make such a sound. But the truth is, they enjoy watching what is happening outside.

Staying indoor makes them bored, and they want to enjoy. That’s why you will always see your cat on the window perch. It gives them access to see almost everywhere.

Your Cat Needs Peace

You will need to allow your cats to mark their window perch as their territory if you have plenty of pets specifically, if you have more than one cat. You will need to get vertical habitats exclusively for them inside your house. Window perches will help you make this.

Everyone with a cat knows that they have a distinct personality. Some do not mingle well with others, while others are aggressive. There are some as well that like to be the pack leader. Some cats also prefer solitude while others do not like sharing the house with other pets, no matter your effort to make them get along together.

If you, however, breed your cats with other pets, they might learn to adapt. This does not mean she will like it, but she will blend.

Cats love territory, so giving them a window perch will make them have more territory. This way, she can get some alone-time away from other pets when she needs it. This will reduce the growling and hissing around, making your house favorable.

Getting the Perfect Window Perch

In getting a window perch for your cat, these are some factors to keep in mind

  1. Is the perch strong and stable enough to carry her weight?
  2. Can you mount the perch on the window and wall with screws?
  3. Will your cat be comfortable on the perch?
  4. Are there other accessories on the window perch like a scratching pad?
  5. Is the window perch attractive? If it does not appeal to you, you could be reluctant to install it.
  6. Are there happy customers that have bought and used the item in the past?


With a window perch, your kitty will get a terrific view of the entire room. She will view the outdoors from the windows as well. She will have some comfort and a sense of belonging since the perch is exclusively for cats.