Top Reasons the Best Coolers Need to be Tough as Nails

The best coolers come with lots of features that make them stand out from other coolers. While the best coolers should be able to keep food and drinks cold for a long time, they should not be fragile. A cooler will not qualify as being a very good one if it is not tough. While this might not seem like a criterion for choosing the best cooler, the fact remains the best ice chests have to be very tough.

The average person does not want to buy a cooler that will only last a short while and will be unusable after a couple of outings. If a cooler will be usable after its being used for three months, it might not qualify as the best.

Contained in this article are some reasons the best coolers need to be tough as nails.

Hurricanes Could Take Place

When going on a picnic or hanging out at the beach with your friends and family, you can never tell what will happen. There could be an occurrence that might warrant you to leave the beach in a haste. One of these occurrences is a hurricane. If a hurricane or any other natural disaster occurs, it is important that you are able to leave the scene as quickly as possible. To get this done effortlessly, you will need to go camping with an ice chest that is very tough. If you fail to do this, you might not be able to get out of danger as fast as you should or might risk losing your ice chest and everything it contains.

Tough Coolers Can Be Used as Rafts

You never can tell when you need to stay afloat a body of water for a long time. If for any reason, you are involved in an emergency and there is no boat around, a touch ice chest can keep you afloat until help gets to you. While an ice chest cannot take the place of a boat, you can hang on to it without having any fear of drowning.

They can be Used in Moving Cat Fish

When going to fish and you need some drinks, a good quality Cooler Talks ice chest can always come in handy. While this is very undisputable, that is not all that a cooler can do for anyone going to fish. An ice chest can also be used to transport any fish you catch. Now fishes are not as light as the drinks you carry. They, therefore, will put some extra pressure on your ice chest. If your ice chest will make it through this pressure without buckling, it has to be tough. When used to move catfish for a fairly long time, an ice chest that is not tough will get bad and pretty much unusable.

Firefighters Need to Have Ice Chests around

To a lot of people, it might seem like the only people that need ice chests are people going for a picnic or those going for a family road trip. Although these sets of people are more regularly associated with the use of ice chests, they are not the only ones that need ice chests. One set of people that are constantly in need of ice chests perhaps even more that campers are firefighters.

Why is this so?

The job of a firefighter is one that causes a high level of dehydration. Firefighters, therefore, need to constantly take chilled water on the job to avoid being dehydrated. One simple way firefighters can always have access to chilled water whenever they need one is by moving around with ice chests.

Now, fire outbreaks usually occur in very inconvenient locations. This implies that for an ice chest to make it through such locations severally, it has to be very tough. If it is weak, it will get damaged after being used a few times.

Good Quality Sealing Characteristics

The best coolers have a reputation for maintaining their cooling abilities. A lot of them are not easily affected by water, dirt, and air. In addition to having a sturdy design, tough ice chests possess top-quality sealing components. These components are made from rubber and plastic. The sealing components for tough coolers can come in various forms. Nonetheless, rubber gaskets are one form they always come through. Rubber gaskets provide a great seal between the warm air outside the ice chest and the cool air inside it.

How to Detect a Tough Cooler

If you must get a tough cooler each time you go shopping for one, you must know the things that make an ice chest tough. A lot of long-lasting coolers have certain characteristics in common. It is important to know what these characteristics are as it is one way you can get a tough cooler when you decide to buy one.

Below are features you should look out for in tough coolers.

Metal Components

The presence of metal parts on a plastic cooler is a feature that can go a long way in making this cooler stronger. Usually, low-end coolers are characterized by weak hinges and handles. This is due to the fact that they are made of plastics and other materials that are quite affordable.

Unlike weak coolers, the toughest coolers in the market are known to come with metal hinges and handles. This makes them last longer. In addition to helping them last a long time, ice chests with metallic handles and hinges are also a lot more attractive than those that have plastic handles and hinges.

Roto-molded Construction

Also known as rotationary molded, a roto-molded construction is a construction that is made with a heated hollow mold. This mold is rotated slowly. This type of construction forms a shell and makes material get dispersed to the wall. This construction type brings about consistency in the thickness of the walls of the cooler. Furthermore, it makes the cooler’s corners strong. That’s not all. It makes it easy to include non-plastic parts in this cooler. This is possible as there is no need to drill through the plastic directly.