Fort Bend County Holds Special Commissioners Court  

On Thursday, March 12th 2020, Fort Bend County Commissioners Court held a Special Court session to discuss improvements to the Fort Bend County Health and Human Services (FBC HHS) Department.  Commissioner Ken R. DeMerchant is happy to announce, “We at Commissioners Court approved for four new positions at FBC HHS.”

The FBC HHS has been understaffed for a while now. With the advent of the recent Coronavirus threats, Commissioner DeMerchant suggested immediate staffing in order to ensure the County is well equipped with adequate staff to serve the community.

Dr. Jacqueline Minter, Director of Fort Bend County Health Authority, presented evidence calling for immediate attention requesting adequate staffing.

Not having adequate staff with the combination of working extended hours can lead to exhaustion and hinder the capability of the department to provide its services to the community at large. “As elected officials, we must be good stewards, and respond promptly. Taking a regional approach and being proactive to eliminate community spread and safeguarding our residents is our primary concern” stated DeMerchant.