Fraud at the Hague-Bakassi By Adebayo Adeolu

Depravities of Nigeria Discussed in New Book

Author writes thoughts on post-9/11 events on Bakassi peninsula region in Nigeria

BOWIE, Md. – In his new book Fraud at the Hague-Bakassi: Why Nigeria’s Bakassi Territory Was Ceded to Cameroon (published by iUniverse), Adebayo Adeolu speaks his mind about the reasons why the Bakassi peninsula region was given to Cameroon and the events that transpired after.

“I was inspired to write Fraud at the Hague-Bakassi by the personal difficulties and experiences I went through in my country, Nigeria,” explains Adeolu, adding that “nobody had a clue as to what was going on concerning the judgment on Bakassi.”

Fraud at the Hague-Bakassi examines how the 9/11 attacks on America affected many countries around the world. Adeolu discusses how the strength of the fundamentalist Islamic groups triggered the war on terror, unnerving many countries around the globe. He believes President George W. Bush began the invasion of the two Arab countries – Afghanistan and Iraq – without approval. Adeolu states the invasion had an effect on international politics in the European Union because they felt threatened by the United States’ declaration of the war on terrorism.

“The United States is the only superpower that showed any interest in establishing military bases in Africa, specifically in the Bakassi region in Africa,” says Adeolu. “The move was not welcome in Europe because the Bakassi was a strategic region located in Nigeria that was a forbidden zone for any superpower to occupy.” Fraud at the Hague-Bakassi further discusses how in response to this encroachment by the United States, the World Court in the Hague ceded the territory to Cameroon –thus ending the Cameroon versus Nigeria dispute over the Bakassi peninsula region.

“This decision effectively and deliberately kept the United States out of the region, but it also deprived Nigeria of a region that had belonged to it for centuries – from before even the Europeans arrived in Africa.”

Fraud at the Hague-Bakassi
By Adebayo Adeolu

Softcover | 5.5×8.5in | 148 pages | ISBN: 9781462022717
Hardcover | 5.5×8.5in | 148 pages | ISBN: 9781462022700
E-book | 148 pages | ISBN: 9781462022663
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About the Author

Adebayo Adeolu was born and raised in Nigeria, where he still lives. He has a degree in political science as well as an LLB, or Bachelor in Laws. A published author, he is also a freelance writer who has been published in over 50 different newspapers. This is his second book.

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