Author pens critical, objective book on religion

Ashok Rathore releases ‘Impact of Christianity on Indian and Australian Societies’

Ashok Rathore endeavors to give science a touch of humanity and religion an analytical scientific perspective. In “Impact of Christianity on Indian and Australian Societies” (published by Xlibris AU), Rathore explains that all religions teach the same principles- universal brotherhood or sisterhood.

This informative religion book provides an objective view of all religions and where people will live in harmony- Jews, Christians, Hindus or even non-believers and scientists who believe in evolution.

“It (“Impact of Christianity on Indian and Australian Societies”) is written in simple English and anyone who speaks and understand English language will find it very informative,” the author tells.

“Impact of Christianity on Indian and Australian Societies” is for multicultural pluralistic societies of India and Australia, as well as for eastern and western culture worldwide.

“Impact of Christianity on Indian and Australian Societies”

By Ashok Rathore

Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 276 pages | ISBN 9781514494639

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 276 pages | ISBN 9781514494622

E-Book | 276 pages | ISBN 9781514494615

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About the Author

Ashok Rathore is a professor emeritus and the foundation director of Animal Welfare and Veterinary Science Institute. Rathore has published 137 refereed scientific papers in international scientific journals. The author presented lead papers at 97 national and international conferences. Rathore’s expertise covers various aspects of wildlife ecology, climate change and agriculture, agriculture/livestock management/production, recognized international research/extension veterinarian/scientist on higher education and human resource development; public relations; livestock; wildlife management; alternate energy resources (biogas technology);  animal behavior and welfare, animal biotechnology  and animal ethology, rural poverty and women empowerment; and theology.


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