Book talks about ‘Laws and Lawyers in Today’s America’

Mark Clark explores little known legal issues, lays to rest debate whether America is Christian nation

Experienced law practitioner and now author Mark Clark unveils an informative and thoughtful discussion of choosing judges’ ethical dilemmas, strange but true stories in the legal system, the Bill of Rights, and Executive Privilege through his book about “Laws and Lawyers in Today’s America” (published by WestBow Press). This book explores little known legal issues such as whether states can secede, explains jury nullification and talks about national secrets. It also lays to rest debates over whether America is a Christian nation.

From the selection of judges, through the Bill of Rights, America’s status as a Christian nation, to the Supreme Court’s abrogation of power, “Laws and Lawyers in Today’s America” takes readers on an interesting, educational and entertaining journey through several of America’s current legal issues. Ethical dilemmas, secession of states, jury nullification, the history of citizens’ American rights, and Christian heritage, are some of the subjects discussed openly and candidly in this analysis from the eye and experience of an insider. Thoughtful and often humorous, readers will enjoy seeing the Bill of Rights, other constitutional issues, judges, lawyers and much more through eyes both experienced and wiser.

Clark writes to inform lay readers about the current plight of the nation concerning its legal issues and where it stands centuries after the founding fathers wrote the Constitution. “I want my readers to have a better understanding of these subjects. I don’t care if they agree with my conclusions but I want them to have a better understanding,” Clark says.

An excerpt from the book:

“In 1787, the Continental Congress wrote, and in 1788, New Hampshire became the ninth state (of 12) to ratify the United States Constitution. It is breathtaking in both its brevity and its scope. In just a few pages, it created a federal government for the new United States of America. It is without doubt the greatest legal document ever written, and created the structure for the finest government ever created.”

“Laws and Lawyers in Today’s America”

By Mark Clark

Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 154 pages | ISBN 9781512742206

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 154 pages | ISBN 9781512742190

E-Book | 154 pages | ISBN 9781512742183

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About the Author

Mark Clark practiced law in a small firm, a large corporation, and for most of his career, as a sole practitioner. He most enjoyed cases involving unpopular clients and unique challenges of fact or law. He was also licensed as a stockbroker and advised corporations and mortgage bankers as a litigation manager. His work took him through state and federal courts throughout the country and enabled him to watch a wide variety of judges and lawyers “toiling in the pits” of the courtrooms. An avid history buff, he has chronicled some of the best and worst that the system has to offer. He has worked with the abused, homeless and disabled people and, as an elected official, he guided a public school system through threats to its teachers and maintained the quality of education given to the students.


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