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Valentine’s Day is Coming – If you Love it, Click It!

More Reckless Driving During Pandemic Valentine’s Day is a good time to show your love by making sure that before you start your vehicle, all passengers — big and small — are always buckled up correctly. This is even more important this year during the pandemic when there is more reckless driving on our roadways and an increase in unbuckled fatalities.  Taking those few seconds to buckle your children into their car seats, and making […]

Regents OK Building Detonation Testing Facility at RELLIS

Governor and Chancellor Research Initiatives Support Study of Huge Explosions A new Detonation Research Test Facility (DRTF) will be built and opened next year on the RELLIS Campus, adding to its array of capabilities for solving complex global problems. Dr. Elaine Oran, a world authority on the physics and chemistry of explosions, will lead a team at the DRTF examining how flammable gases and other materials interact and sometimes — though not always — detonate on a massive scale. […]