AG Paxton Joins Amicus Brief Supporting States’ Freedom to Regulate Own Emissions  

AG Ken Paxton

AUSTIN – Attorney General Paxton joined an Indiana-led amicus brief before the United States Supreme Court asking the Court to review a lower court’s decision that “threaten[s] regulatory chaos [and] undermines the coequal sovereignty of each State to regulate emissions within their respective borders,” according to the brief.     The Court of Appeals’ ruling, which the Supreme Court has the power to overturn, “threatens to let a single State’s judiciary set climate-change policy for other States. […]

Paxton Asks Court to Require Biden to Build the Wall 

Attorney General Ken Paxton

On behalf of the State of Texas, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, along with the State of Missouri, has submitted their motion for a preliminary injunction asking a federal court to order the Biden Administration to immediately resume the building of the southern border wall. This is a follow-on pleading to Attorney General Paxton’s border wall lawsuit filed in October. The lawsuit claims that the Biden Administration violated federal law when it prohibited the Department of Homeland Security from spending the money that Congress has appropriated to build a border wall. “The Biden Administration again and again refuses to aid Texans battling the […]

Paxton Investigates Shooting Death in Lubbock 

Attorney General Ken Paxton

The Attorney General of Texas has received repeated inquires as to a criminal investigation of a shooting death referred from Lubbock County, Texas. This shooting has received nationwide media coverage. Our office has begun a criminal investigation into this shooting. During the pendency of any criminal investigation conducted by our office, we do not comment on the case to protect the integrity of the investigation. Accordingly, we will not be commenting on the facts of […]

Paxton Joins Amicus Brief Supporting Religious Liberty

Attorney General Ken Paxton

Attorney General Ken Paxton joined a multistate amicus brief in support of religious liberty, in a case that is pending in the Colorado Court of Appeals. Scardina v. Masterpiece Cakeshop is the second case brought against Jack Phillips, a baker, under state public accommodation laws—this time because he refused on religious grounds to make a custom cake celebrating a customer’s gender transition. The previous case against Mr. Phillips was resolved in his favor by the United States Supreme Court. The amicus brief argues that the First Amendment’s Free Exercise Clause prevents the government from enforcing state laws that interfere with Americans’ exercise of their religious beliefs. […]

AG Paxton Asks 5th Circuit to Uphold Texas’ Sanctuary Cities Law

Ken Paxton

Attorney General Ken Paxton today said he was encouraged by the strong case his office presented at oral argument before a panel of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in defense of Senate Bill 4, a common-sense measure that bans sanctuary cities in Texas. The Texas Legislature enacted Senate Bill 4 earlier this year to set a statewide policy of cooperation with federal immigration authorities enforcing the nation’s immigration laws. “I am encouraged by […]