AG Paxton: U.S. Supreme Court Hears Oral Argument on Validity of Obamacare

Attorney General Ken Paxton

In the United States Supreme Court, Texas Solicitor General Kyle Hawkins today argued that Obamacare unconstitutionally exceeds Congress’s enumerated powers and should be declared invalid. While the Supreme Court previously upheld the law in 2012 as a valid exercise of Congress’s taxing power, Congress changed the law in 2017 to eliminate its tax provision—so Obamacare is no longer justifiable as a tax. Obamacare now exceeds Congress’s powers because it simply commands Americans to purchase health […]

Cornyn: Texans Left With Few Options Under Obamacare

Senator John Cornyn

‘Last week, it was reported that only three insurers, three insurance companies who offer plans on the Obamacare exchanges, will return to the Houston area in 2018. In 2016… just last year, there was more than twice that number.’ ‘Obamacare continues to fail the American people by not delivering on its promises.’ ‘We’re committed to… replacing it with patient-centered options that actually work, that help people get the type of coverage they want at a […]