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What Are Real Property Reports: Learn Important Facts About Why They Matter

You’re getting a property and there’s all this talk about RPR and you’re wondering what it is? The real property report is a legal document prepared by a surveyor.  It’s an accurate and detailed drawing of the property, its boundaries, and the structures built on it. Almost all real estate transactions would require you to have a current RPR. A typical property report contains the legal description; the municipal address of the property; the date […]

Should First Time Home Buyers Care About Property Depreciation Schedules?

Buying your first home can be expensive. Between the price of the home itself, legal fees, engineer costs, realtor expenses and everything else that goes into buying a home, the costs can rack up quickly. The good news is that if you are buying your first home for income-producing purposes, you can gain some of that money back by creating a property depreciation schedule. In the same way that you can claim for wear and […]

6 Reasons Why Renting Is Better Than Buying Your Own House

Buying a home has been the lifelong dream of several people globally. It’s one of the few beliefs society generally agrees on. Buying your own home is thought of as being a good investment. While homeownership has its perks, it isn’t for everyone. The truth is not everyone would buy a house. Buying is good but renting has its advantages too. Rates of owning a house in the U.S are at an all-time high unlike […]

Houston Housing Market Reaches New Highs Despite Winter Storm

Photo by Maurice Williams on Unsplash   Houston’s real estate market just achieved its ninth consecutive month of positive sales, along with setting a pricing record for single-family homes. Sales of single-family homes increased by 1.2% over the past year, reaching 6,049 sales in February, the Houston Association of Realtors’ March report reveals. Additionally, total property sales rose by 1.9% to 7,464, while total dollar volume for the month increased 17% to $2.4 billion. All this progress has […]

4 Tips To Resolve A Tenant-Turned-Squatter Debacle

Real estate agent sitting at the desk by the window and passing keys to his client in the office

If you’re a landlord, you might have been in certain situations when a once-great relationship with your tenant started turning sour. There are usually many reasons this situation happens. This may stem from their non-compliance with your property’s written policies on noise and drinking habits. It might also be because they’ve kept missing their rental payments but continue to occupy your property. The latter scenario usually ends up with your tenant turning into a squatter. […]

Johnson Development Plans ‘Best of the ‘Burbs’ Tour

Johnson Development is opening the doors to more than 120 models throughout the Houston area — including 40 in the north Houston area — during a “Best of the ‘Burbs” home tour April and May. Homes will be open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays and noon to 6 p.m. Sundays. Admission is free. In addition to touring model homes filled with the latest design trends, eventgoers can also register to receive a […]

Thing To Know About Purchasing A Property In Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies arrive with the ambition to change the traditional ways of purchasing and selling. Today, crypto transactions are on the rise globally, and the real estate industry is no exception. Here are a few questions that will offer you a deeper understanding of bitcoin property purchase: Is it Safe? It is best to take all precautions when you want to speak about crypto-currencies. This subject is of heated debate, demonstrating great uncertainty about its future. […]

How the Real Estate Market is Becoming More Eco-friendly in 2021

  Eco-friendly homes will help to reduce our carbon footprint and improve the current state of the environment. Sustainable properties work to minimize energy usage, save water, and lower utility bills and increase the property’s value. The advantages of becoming more eco-friendly have caught the attention of those working in real estate and how developers, realtors, and investors can help make a positive change. More and more properties appear on the market fitted with the […]

Selling a house that requires repair work

Selling a home that requires repairs makes it challenging to compete. The new inventory hits the market daily. Hence, the conventional buyers will not look at a home requiring repairs until they are searching for that. The homes that repair often go overlooked because they occupy the homes’ lesser position to view the list. However, selling a house that requires significant repair is different than selling property in poor condition. Both have their challenges. Who […]

How an estate sales company makes our work more convenient?

Estate sales usually occur when there is a demise in someone’s family, and a family had to move out of the city or any scenario where all the belongings of the house are on sale. Leaving the precious memories and treasure that they have cherished for years is challenging for everyone. Estate sales company play as a big helping hand to these families. Many people adjust their living arrangements, move to another city, downsize, or, […]