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Katy’s Real Estate Market Remains Strong

Katy’s real estate market is booming, despite the current widespread economic downturn. Home price appreciation in Greater Houston has remained strong over the past five years, with a total average growth of 4.8% , Think Realty reveals. And, in January 2020, the median home value was $235,000, up 3.7% year-over-year. According to real estate professionals, Katy is experiencing a seller’s market created by fewer homes on the market combined with continued demand.  Trends in investment When it comes […]

Understanding Rental Management: A Landlord’s Guide

One of the ways many people attempt to get ahead financially if by investing in real estate. For the most part, it’s a sound investment choice, as property tends to appreciate in value and often you can sell it down the line for more than you paid. And before you do that, you can earn some passive income from renting the house out. But being a landlord comes with responsibilities – you are responsible for […]

What To Check First Before Investing In A Real Estate Property

When looking for effective and profitable investment strategies, many people turn to real estate. After all, its track record has proven to be a solid investment worthy of consideration. Whether you’ve heard stories about how real estate investors were able to become millionaires or you personally know someone who’s enjoying their real estate profits, everyone has their own reasons for investment. However, just like every other investment strategy, there are a few things you should […]

Essential tips for choosing a meticulous real estate lawyer

Mortgages, liens, foreclosures are an integral part of real estate and property laws. The process of purchasing a real estate property in a house or a commercial building requires you to consult real estate lawyers and attorneys. They are the best people who can protect you from any unforeseen liabilities connected to the equity. In any case, whether buying or selling or refinancing a property, the need for a real estate lawyer is highly felt.  Choosing a real estate […]

Benjamin Gordon Cambridge Capital: Real estate investment in the time of the pandemic

Covid-19 has affected almost every industry, and real estate is one of them. Investors and agents have to deal with restrictions and ensure their own safety too. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot buy a property for investment purposes. Some experts feel that now is in fact the right time to look into both short and long-term gains. If you have a decent savings and want to utilize it amidst the fear of job loss […]

How to buy a perfect home during Covid-19

Everyone dreams to have a home of their own and saves money their entire life to purchase a roof that they call their own. Due to the pandemic, Covid-19, the world has turned upside down, businesses have been shut down and unemployment increased. But those changes were favorable to the seekers who were looking for an opportunity to buy their own property because the interest rates decreased during lockdown and demand for property increased. So […]

Why Buy Real Estate in Miami: The Most Common Reasons

If you are looking for a great place to move in or for profitable investment options, you should consider Miami. South Florida is an exciting spot to visit and live while its residents are to experience great weather all year round. It’s worth taking into account that there is no city or state income tax in Miami. Moreover, the sales tax is only 7%. The state is really affordable. If you decide to rent a […]

An Overview Of Real Estate Marketing

It does not matter what you know; what matters is who knows you. It is a famous saying that fits perfectly in today’s highly competitive real estate market. Video marketing is crucial for any real estate brand, as it is the primary mode of communication. It informs the consumers about the extent of services of the brand. Great video marketing strategies set a brand apart from its competitors. Many marketers make professional videos with video […]

How to Sell a Distressed House for Good Money

Selling a house that is not in the best shape can oftentimes prove to be quite a challenge. It can even be very stressful and emotionally draining, especially if it just so happens that you want to sell the house after a divorce, bankruptcy, or in case of inheriting the house because of a death in the family. Maybe you just want to sell it because you can’t or don’t want to deal with all […]