How to Show Your Support for Our Troops


Did you know that there are 36 dates throughout the year that honor those in the armed forces? We spend time in remembrance and appreciation on major military observances like Memorial Day, Independence Day, Patriot Day, and Veterans Day, but these are far from the only dates we should give our time and thoughts to those who have and do bravely serve the country.

If you’re wondering how you can make a difference right now and show your support for our troops, you’ve come to the right place! We have compiled a list of excellent ways you can make a difference in the lives of those who protect the country. Make sure to bookmark any sites or ideas that you might want to return to in the future if you’re not able to make a contribution today!

Wear Custom Armed Forces Clothing and Gear

You can show your support for those serving in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Space Force, and Coast Guard by wearing clothing and gear that keeps the troops at the front of your memory. From customizable hoodies, t-shirts, and hats to posters, mugs, and license plates, you can wear your homage to those who serve. Think about it: by wearing a Navy hat, you can have a large supportive influence, as it keeps those who serve in your mind and the minds of those who see you, reminding everyone to say thank you to those in the forces.

Donate to a Non-Profit

If you are willing and able to financially support the troops, there are many non-profit organizations that make donating simple. Some great options include the USO (United Service Organizations), Soldiers’ Angels, American Red Cross, Support Our Troops, as well as more specified donations like the Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society, Air Force Assistance Funds, and Army Emergency Relief.

Start or Contribute to a Fundraiser

There are many non-profit organizations that take donations for active and retired military members and families, but you can also start your own fundraiser in your community. Perhaps you have a personal relationship with a military spouse, or know of a service member who is dealing with mental or physical strife after returning home. Starting a fundraiser, or contributing to one you’re aware of, is usually a more personal way for you to feel the impact of your help. It’s incredibly humbling to remember those who dedicate their lives and services to the country, and to do so on a deeper personal level is a wonderful way to stay grateful.

Donate Items and Goods

Aside from financial donations, you might want to donate household items or other goods, such as furniture, vehicles, electronics, food, clothing, children’s items, etc. When you donate through Soldiers’ Angels, your items can be added to care packages or given to the families of those serving.

Use Your Business to Support the Military

If you have a business, big or small, look into different military benefits you can offer to active service members and veterans. This could look like discounts, military-thanks days, hanging banners or signs, and donating supplies or unsold goods to military families or veterans. If you have the ability to use your business to show appreciation for the troops, you have the opportunity to make a significant impact.

Offer Help to a Military Family or Spouse

When you offer your time, help, and kindness to the family of someone who is deployed, such as the spouse or children, it has a lasting effect through even small gestures. Military spouses must face the reality of missing their loved one while holding down the fort alone at home, and oftentimes they are struggling; a little bit of effort and love can make a huge difference! Any way you can offer your help will be appreciated, whether it’s making a meal, cutting the grass, providing childcare, buying groceries, donating supplies, or simply being a friendly presence.

Foster a Military Pet

Not only are our troops missing their families back home, but also their pets. When you volunteer to foster the pets of those on military duty, you give a military member peace of mind that their beloved pet is being well cared for while they’re away. Through the non-profit Dogs on Deployment, you can search for “Pets in Need” in your area and see each’s length of boarding to find an option that is a good fit. You will be making a difference in a wide number of lives, both human and animal!

It’s important to remember those who heroically serve the country, and these seven ways to show your support are ones you can begin right now! Remember to save these ideas for later, too, if you want to show your ongoing appreciation.