Winter Weddings Are An Affordable Alternative

Winter is not typically the time of year we think of for weddings. Those images are usually reserved for summer and early fall when the air is warm, the skies are blue, and large crowds gathered outside are the mainstay. A resounding forty percent of marriage proposals occur in the winter months between November and February, but only 5% of weddings happen in the winter. This might lead one to believe it’s not a great time to get married, but many factors make it the ideal time.

Reasons to Say ‘I Do’ in Winter

Venue Availability. Wedding venues are typically booked a year to 18 months in advance. Demand for venues in the winter is significantly less. However, couples should be mindful of big holidays, like Christmas and Valentine’s Day, where venues may charge a premium on certain days. January is ideal for finding budget-friendly locations. Considering options for inclement weather if planning an outdoor wedding is a must. Added effects like sparklers for wedding send off of the bride and groom allow for dramatic exits in the winter’s eve light.

Weather. Even in the summer, there is no guarantee of perfect weather, and planning for it may not be front and center. However, winter weddings require it in most parts of the country. An indoor wedding offers the potential for beautiful lighting, cozy settings, and warmth without the worry of windstorms, rain, or even just a gloomy gray day. Weather is the most unpredictable part of the wedding day, and knowing it will be inside during the winter months might add a degree of comfort.

The Dress. For most brides, this is the most special part of the journey. While there are no rules on what kinds of dresses must be worn for any wedding, and it is truly a personal preference, winter weddings offer beautiful dresses with long sleeves and higher necks that might be slightly more uncomfortable in the warmer summer months. And demand during this time may also be lower, potentially offering an added element of affordability.

The Honeymoon. Winter travel means smaller crowds, and accommodation rates drop for the season, making it an attractive and cost-effective time to visit sunny beaches and faraway destinations. While skiing will not be one of those less expensive options, it is the perfect honeymoon getaway for snow lovers.

Photographers. Finding the perfect photographer can be stressful. They are in high demand during the peak wedding months. While a good photographer will still be busy even in winter, the options to book are likely better during this time. In addition, the turnaround for photos might be faster since there will not be as many wedding events the photographer is shooting and delivering to couples.

Decorations. Many venues are already decorated during the holidays eliminating some of the added costs. December will have an especially celebratory feel as most places decorate on their own for the holidays.

Wedding Fatigue. Given the abundance of summer weddings, guests often become fatigued by the sheer number of weddings they attend. A winter wedding is a nice reprieve from summer wedding obligations, giving attendees something to anticipate. In line with the dress, for women, it’s the opportunity to wear dresses and outfits that are more winter-friendly yet beautiful.

Winter Wonderland

Before the bride and groom slip on their rings and exchange vows, there are many factors to consider. While some guests may wonder if the gender reveal confetti cannon will be on tap for the following winter, given the cozy atmosphere of a winter wedding, most will appreciate the beauty of celebrating a special day with a lovely couple regardless of the time of year.