Student Rituals for Luck & Confidence that you need to know

Get acquainted with some student tricks for enhancing performance during studies. Choose the one that works for you!

Student Tricks for Big Results: How to Boost Luck & Confidence

Some students have all the luck and look confident whatever they do. It’s not surprising they use unusual rituals to achieve that. Small tricks might include screaming the teacher’s name at midnight before an exam, wearing favorite clothes, or repeating special rhymes to calm down. However, it can be something like taking a couple of minutes in the morning to meditate and get positive thinking for performing tasks. Of course, rituals vary depending on culture, imagination, and personal values. We collected some of the most interesting ones for you in this article.


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Open up to your desires! A desire is something we want to implement in our real life. It can even be such a thing as a high grade on your exam. Shout out different requests, professors’ names, swearing, or pleas. In this funny way, you can attract good luck and predict the future. If it’s possible to do it with your groupmate or roommate, shout together. Share the atmosphere of trust, and that connection leads to desirable results.


Do you know that clothes impact our confidence? The explanation is simple as it makes you look powerful and encourages you to meet all the challenges in a good mood. Students also have lucky clothes: from funny underpants to awesome socks. Instead of a formal approach to dressing, try to get your favorite clothing items. Only you choose what to put on, and a stroke of luck will be with you!


This advice can be pretty amusing, but have you ever tried to sleep on your books? Put notebooks with the important information under the pillow and feel this absorbing contact. Typically, such physical action fills you with the inner knowledge that you are ready to answer any questions on your test.


Another key ritual for students is writing with the lucky pen. It is not a secret that people tend to attach to things. Even for a short period, you can reduce your level of anxiety and stay confident because of your favorite pen. Take it with you and score well on the exam!


According to beliefs, some students avoid showering before the exam as it can cause memory loss. They don’t wash their hair not to lose vitality, power, and intuition. Well, this ritual may seem like an odd one, but some do claim it brings good luck.


Let your life be more fun with these student rituals. You can use them before giving a speech or presentation, taking part in a conference, or passing an exam. If you believe in the magic of these rituals, you will overcome all difficulties on your way and excel during your exams. Just give it a try, and the positive emotions you experience as a result will lead you to success.