Brookshire City Council Meeting, Sept. 15, 2022

By: Tom Behrens

The Brookshire City Council met Thursday, Sept. 15, in accordance with the Open Meeting Act.

City Council members present include Mayor Darrell Branch, Kim Branch, Mayor Pro Tem, Amanda Neuendorf, Lyndon Stamps, Jeremiah Hill, and Monique Taylor.

Resolution 1395: Authorization of solicit bids for restriping of City owned parking lots: Projected amount is $1,500.00. Alderman Jeremiah Hill posed the question, “Couldn’t the work be done by City of Brookshire employees, the City buys the paint and be accomplished for less cost?” The parking lot in question was mainly the lot in front of Brookshire City Hall. City of Brookshire Attorney advised the City Council, that under Texas law, if a proposed project is under the minimum of $50,000, asking for bids is not required. The City Council will consider again what they want to do with the parking lot striping.

Resolution 1396: Accept the environmental impact study required by City of Brookshire City’s Codes, submitted for O’Reilly Auto Enterprises, LLC, for future retail store on a 0.7209-acre site, located northeast of the intersection of Waller Ave. and 11th St. in the City. A presentation of the study performed was presented to the City Council, and was accepted, approved, and received a positive vote.

Resolution 1397: Approval a professional services agreement with Mike Barnes Group, Inc. regarding interim City Administrator Services. If a permanent City Administrator is not hired within six months, can the current agreement be renewed. City Attorney, Justin Pruitt, assured council members this would be possible. Motion was made to approve, and a positive vote given.

Alderman Hill, in relationship to the packet that he and each of the aldermen and mayor receive before each City Council meeting.

On current vendors raising prices on services rendered. The City needs contract/vender agreements as to setting established prices.

The City of Brookshire received a phone bill of $1,000 for monthly telephone service to the old fire department building, when actually no one uses the building?

The City Council will meet again on September 28, 2022, at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Brookshire Municipal Building, 4029 5th Street for discussion and possible action regarding a vote to ratify the City of Brookshire General Budget for Fiscal Year 2022-2023.