One Last Look at the City of Fulshear Proposed FY2023 Budget

By Tom Behrens

City of Fulshear Special City Council met Sept 6, & 20, 2022, the main topic being the approval of the FY2023 Budget.

Mayor Aaron Groff led the discussion between city council members Lisa Kettler Martin, Ken Pool, Jason Knape, Sarah B. Johnson, Debra Cates, Joel M. Patterson, and Kaye Kahlich.

The Tax Rate for 2021 and 2022 was and is $0.175667 per $100. The proposed tax rate for FY2023 will be $0.180572 per $100. This will be an increase of $773,719.00, or 12 percent, and of that amount, $686,220.00 is tax revenue to be raised from new property added to the tax roll this year.

Taxable Property Values have steadily increased.

In FY2022 the property value was $2,463,936, l37.00. The projected value for 2023 is $3,204,059,554.00, a 30 percent increase. In FY2014 Property Value was $451,460,477.00 that gives an indication of how Fulshear has grown.

The FY2023 budget includes adding an Assistant to the City Manager, a City Attorney and Assistant City Attorney, an Administrative Assistant in Human Resources, three new hires in the Police Department, two officers, one detective.

The Fulshear Police Department is 28.42 percent of General Fund expenditures. Second is Public Works at 9.86 percent.

Additional hires include an IT Systems Administrator and GIS Analyst; a Development Coordinator in Development Service, an Environmental Health Specialist in Code Enforcement, and a Project Coordinator in Public Works.

Also listed in the budget are the purchase of a Bucket Truck, $210,00.00, and gas services for the new City Hall, New Christmas decorations, and reflooring for the Irene Stern Building.

The City of Fulshear budget year begins October 1through September 30. Copies of the budget are available or review or purchase in the finance department.