5 Simple Rules for Taking Care of Mental Health

Mental health is extremely important for any person. Unfortunately, the complex world has always subjected and exposes each of us to stress from day to day. In the 21st century, more attention has been paid to this problem, and that’s fine! Let’s talk about how to maintain your mental health in difficult times and how to keep a fresh head.

The more comfort, the more self-love

Try to find something especially pleasant for yourself every day. Some People like to replace trips to the store with online shopping, some find daily comfort in eating to order instead of cooking in the kitchen, and some prefer their own car instead of using public transport. And if you are not ready to afford your pleasantness right now, you can always find workarounds and save money. For example, instead of buying your own car, you can rent a car and enjoy your comfort ritual every day at the lowest cost. Rental services, such as https://renty.ae/body-types/van, exist literally in any city.

Therefore, analyze yourself and find your car for rent in your city… and we are not talking about renting a car at all right now… Just kidding!

Maintain healthy relationships

Being alone is often unpleasant, especially if it is prolonged. More people than ever feel isolated, anxious and depressed. Some scientists say that loneliness has the same effect on life expectancy as obesity or smoking, and reduces it by 15 years.

Communication with people definitely has a good effect on our body, because a person is a biosocial being. Thanks to communication, a person feels like a part of a large social organism. For some, communication is the meaning of life.

Social networks can be harmful

It seems that we only talked about the benefits of contacts, but maintaining friendly relations through social networks can be fraught with problems.

Some studies say that the publication of someone else’s success and the lack of broadcasting of heavy everyday life can make people feel bad. Other studies show that excessive use of social networks increases the risk of depression, anxiety, worsens sleep and lowers self-esteem.

This does not mean that you should leave social networks. However, try to limit their use, unsubscribe from people you don’t need, and also observe the information balance.


Sport is a worthy answer to many life difficulties! Exercise will help improve sleep, make you feel more relaxed and increase the production of endorphins that will lift your mood.

If you think that you need to work hard, overcome yourself for the sake of results, you have misunderstood us… Yoga, stretching will be quite enough for you, maybe someone will find himself dancing!

Moreover, it is possible to walk, this is already a physical load. 30 minutes of walking a day is the norm. However, for maximum effect, it is recommended to devote 150 minutes of low-intensity physical exercise or 75 minutes of more intense activity per week.


You may be surprised, but unity with nature really helps. Scientists have long noticed that communication with nature improves mental health. It has long been proven that an hour and a half of walking outside the city can reduce the activity of the part of the brain that is responsible for negative thoughts. In other words, this part of the brain becomes active if a person thinks about something negative. Spend at least 2 hours a week in nature, and you will definitely become healthier and more harmonious!

5 tips to support mental health for you! Do not forget: physical and mental health are very connected and if you do not follow one of them, the second half will immediately come under attack. Take care of yourself and be healthy!