The stove smells of gas, what should I do?

Gas stove problems are always unpleasant. A housewife has so much to do during the day, and a broken stove keeps her from doing and resting. You would like to get it back in operation as soon as possible, so what can you try to do yourself?

Important: Any inspection and disassembly of the device should be carried out with the gas supply turned off and the power supply disconnected. If you are not confident in your knowledge of the gas stove or have no experience in successful repair, it is better not to take the risk and contact a gas stove repair specialist in Montreal. This article is recommended for reading for introductory purposes. Remember, your life may depend on it.

Suspicious smell of gas

If the smell of gas (or rather ethyl mercaptan) appears in the kitchen, this is a dangerous sign of a malfunctioning gas stove or oven. Such a breakdown can create explosive conditions, fire or poisoning of residents. A gas leak indicates a leak in the gas supply system. The situation threatens safety both when the equipment is turned on and when it is turned off.

Shut off the gas supply immediately. Open the windows and ventilate the apartment. Until now, you should not start repairing the stove, inspect, and identify the problem’s source.

The main way to determine the location of a leak is to apply a soapy solution to all possible joints of pipes and hoses outside and inside the stove. The appearance of soap suds, and bubbles will indicate a gap from which gas leaks.

“Diagnosis” and elimination of this kind of failure depends on the circumstances of the leak – whether the stove is on, off, closed or open burners. It also depends on the design and type of connection of the elements.

There is a smell, but the stove is off

If the threaded connection is depressurized when the plate is off, this is necessary:

  1. unscrew the damaged section, check each part for integrity and remove the old seal and winding;
  2. apply a new winding or sealant;
  3. assemble the unit into working condition;
  4. carry out a control check.

If the hose or pipe flange gasket is damaged, the gasket is loose; the procedure will be the same except for installing a new gasket.

The smell of gas comes from a working stove

It happens that a strong smell may be felt during the operation of the hob. The reason for this, most often, is the incorrect adjustment of the flame. But the connections leading to the nozzles can break. These are, as a rule, the joints of tubes and nozzles, the points of connection of nozzle bodies. In this case, to find the crack of a leak, gas stove repair Montreal service will have to:

  1. Remove the removable burner inserts and the top panel, then reinstall the inserts;
  2. Thoroughly coat all elements and joints with liquid soap;
  3. Carefully light each burner in turn.

Performing the procedure carefully, you may notice a bubbling of soap, indicating a depressurization point. Failure is usually due to sealing and tube connections’ wear and destruction. The easiest option is to detect insufficient tightening of fasteners.

Be vigilant – there are often more than one area where gas leaks!

Couldn’t find the gas leak

Have you inspected the stove or oven, checked all the parts and contacts, but you can’t find the leakage area? Most likely, the leak was caused by an error in connecting the stove to the gas source. This is already serious. You’re unlikely to be able to fix the situation yourself with a quality gas stove repair – you need professional help right away! Montreal gas stove repair technician phone numbers can be found online.