What to Know and Do before Installing Solar Panels on Your Rooftop

An increasing number of people across the nation are investing in rooftop solar power systems. Several factors are fuelling the boom. There has been a rapid advancement I n solar power technology, the equipment cost has decreased significantly, and the cost of conventional grid power is climbing steeply. Installing rooftop solar power systems is a good way of saving costs and contributing to a greener environment. According to Forbes, solar power is environmentally-friendly. However, you must consider various things before investing in a rooftop solar power system:

Suitability of the Roof for Solar Power Panel Installation 

Your roof should have adequate space to accommodate the number of solar panels you need, otherwise, your investment will be wasted. You should repair or replace your roof before installing the solar panels; else you may have to dismantle the system to undertake repairs. You should also get a professional to certify that your roof can support the extra weight of the solar panels; otherwise, it can collapse suddenly. You might need extra support to accommodate the solar panels. You should also examine if the direction of the slope of your roof is optimal. Roofs that receive fewer hours of sunlight will produce less electricity.

Coping With the Elements

Solar power systems installed on the rooftop can obstruct the free flow of rainwater and prevent it from draining properly. It can result in leaks and dampness that may necessitate removal and reinstallation of the solar panels after you fix the problem. Ideally, the installation contractor should be able to convince you that the installation will not adversely affect the water runoff. Because severe weather like storms, lightning, hail, etc., can potentially damage the rooftop equipment, you should insure them adequately.

Connecting With the Grid

To optimize your investment in the rooftop solar system, you need to connect with the local power utility. Before purchasing and installing the solar power system, you should find out how long it will take to establish the connection, the procedure of getting connected, whether you need to pay any fees, and how and when you will receive the credits for the electricity contributed.

Choosing the Right Contractor

No doubt you will have spent a lot of time and effort in choosing the solar panel system that provides the best value. However, you must also appreciate that you will only get the anticipated benefits if the system is installed right by a competent and experienced contractor like Premier Improvements Solar offering solar panel installation. You must not choose the first contractor you talk to, instead, you must interview as many as you can to find out how experienced they are in installing systems in your area and get comparative quotes. Choosing a contractor offering the least cost may not always provide the best value, so you should examine the scope of supply, or you will spend more money than anticipated.


Installing a rooftop solar system is a great way or reducing your dependence on grid power, reduce your energy costs, and support the green movement. However, you can only make the right decision by considering the various important issues before buying and installing the system.