How to get world-class Chinese translations

China can be a huge market or a huge potential for growth for any business. However, the language barrier is a huge problem for people who want to expand into this region. Great Chinese translation services can help by making sure that your content, documents, marketing, and websites can be easily read by any native Chinese speaker.

Why is it important to get the best Chinese translations?

Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world, with over 900 million speakers. While many of these people will speak a second or third language, it is still important to bear in mind how many new people you can reach by adding Chinese language options to whatever media you need – be it documents, financial reports, investment appeals, websites, social media, instruction manuals, or more.

Branching out and making your content available to more languages means that you can attract more customers, work with new partners or investors, and work with one of the most quickly advancing economies in the world.

On a more personal note, you can also get other items translated, such as certificates and documents which can help with immigration, job hunting, or other purposes.

But why get the best translation you can? Simple – bad translations might be wrong, inaccurate, or might put people off. You need to make sure that your translations are highly accurate – a lot of mistakes can be made if translations are of poor quality. You also need to make sure that native speakers do not find the translation stilted, as this may make people think your website or newsletter is less professional, and they may choose to use a different service instead of yours.

How to get great translations

If you want the best translations, there are some ways to make sure that you are getting the best result you can. We can help talk you through some of the things to consider

Find the right translator for the type of document

There are various translation types that are considered to be specialist fields. Most basic tasks can be completed by any translator, but professional translators will always have areas of expertise. Some specialist fields include legal translation, medical translation, marketing translation, and SEO translation. These are specialist fields because they typically have a lot of industry-specific terminologies, which some translators may not be comfortable with. If you want a translation for a highly technical field, a field that uses specialist terminologies, or need specialist layouts for the finished translation, you may want to find someone with the right experience and qualifications – for example, for medical translations, you may way to find someone who has experience in the healthcare field, as they will be more comfortable and familiar with the complex terminologies used in medical documents.

Even beyond specialist fields, you may want to find someone with experience in exactly what you need. While any translator can probably get an accurate translation of marketing emails, a translator with experience in marketing will no doubt be able to make it flow better and sound more exciting and appealing to potential customers, helping you drive sales and get more interested clients, whatever product or service you offer.

Use a native speaking translator

A lot of people in the translation industry agree that the best translations come from people who speak your target language natively. This means that they are a native speaker of your target language but are also highly fluent in your original language, meaning that they can fully understand whatever source text you give them. The benefit of using a native tongue translator is that they will understand the nuance, flow, and structure of the target language. It can be very jarring to read something which has been translated by a non-native speaker, as there are plenty of small differences and variations that a non-native speaker may not pick up on – which may be accurate, but may not sound natural to a native speaker, and may put off readers or potential customers.

What type of Chinese?

It is also worth considering what type of Chinese. There are various different styles and dialects, and if you need a specific one, it is worth finding a translator who speaks this type of Chinese and can offer a great translation. Finding someone with the right experience can make all the difference.

Great translations from great translators

Hopefully, this article has given you some ideas on how to find the best Chinese translations for your business or personal needs. Once you find a skilled professional translator who works well with your documents, you can enjoy the benefits that a really great translation can bring, from encouraging more customers, working with new businesses, partners and investors, and just the peace of mind that comes from knowing your message is getting translated properly.