Fresh, new ways to consume cannabis

As cannabis becomes more accepted in society, people are finding themselves wondering why it is so popular. It has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries and there are many documented cases of individuals who have had their quality of life improved by the use of this plant. This doesn’t even take into account the recreational benefits that come from using cannabis, such as reduced stress levels and increased creativity. With all these benefits to be gained from its use, it is no wonder that cannabis has become a favorite among medical and recreational users alike. With that being said, new users aren’t sure how to consume cannabis, especially with so many new consumption methods on the market, such as tinctures, dab rigs, CBD oil, vape pens that can be acquired online at a site like, among many more. Here are a few fresh new ways to consume cannabis.


Cannabis beverages are one of the newest ways to consume cannabis and have slowly become one of the most popular methods on the market. There is a range of different brands that are now infusing cannabis with their drinks, and it is a very convenient way to consume cannabis. All these beverages are made with cannabis dissolved inside of them.

Just like with edibles the effects experienced are vastly different from the other consumption methods. When eating or drinking cannabis, it takes a while for the effects to be experienced since the delivery method is slower. This also means that the effects are experienced over a longer period, typically between 4-6 hours, depending on the amount of THC consumed and the concentration.


Tinctures are very similar to cannabis beverages, except they are not infused with any beverage, and are available in little vials. To use a tincture, all you need to do is drop a few drops under the tongue. This method has become extremely popular with the medical community due to its ease of use and the fact that dosages can be measured.

This method also has a slightly longer onset time compared to other methods at 30 minutes, and the effects experienced typically last for around 3 hours. This makes it perfect for those who would like to consume on the go, but not experience the effects for too long. It also makes it a lot more controlled, but again, it all depends on the concentration of THC.


Topicals have been around for much longer than the other consumption methods, and this is because they don’t produce the same cerebral effects that other consumption methods do. Because of this, they have been legal for a lot longer, however, it is only recently that they have become incredibly popular. One major reason for this is because a lot more research has been undertaken to observe the effects since marijuana was made legal in many states.

Topicals are mainly used by those who don’t want to experience the typical effects of marijuana but would like to receive relief from the pain that it provides. It is applied to the skin and the anti-inflammatory effects can be felt within minutes.


CBD oil is very similar to topicals, and the main difference between the two is the fact that CBD oil doesn’t contain any THC. This means that CBD oil is available almost everywhere since it is even legal in states where THC isn’t.

CBD oil offers very similar pain relief that topicals provide, and there are a variety of ways to consume it, such as applying it to the skin, or by placing it under the tongue like a tincture.

Dab Rigs

Dab rigs are one of the newest marijuana consumption methods on the market and have become popular in quite a short period. Dab rigs have a very similar appearance to bongs, but they are operated completely differently. To use a dab rig, one would need marijuana concentrate or shatter, the dab rig itself, and a nail. The nail is heated up and applied to the concentrate until it turns into vapor and then is inhaled through the mouthpiece of the rig.

Dab rigs offer many benefits, including being great for sharing with a group, and the ability to consume a high concentration of THC in one sitting due to the concentrate being used.