William D King Describes Simple Yet Helpful Ways to Deal with Anxiety and Stress During the Pandemic

Every individual experience fear, restlessness, and worry at least once in their life. While some are able to take control of their emotions, others struggle with their feelings. From a social phobia to personal difficulties – there are endless reasons that may cause stress, worry, fear, and anxiety. If you are one of those who find it challenging to control their thoughts and reactions, you are not alone. Studies show that nearly 18.1% of adults in the U.S. struggle with anxiety disorders. Stress could lead to anxiety and even depression sometimes. With the ongoing Covid situation, more and more people are facing stress. This makes it necessary to take appropriate measures in order to deal with stress.

While the symptoms of anxiety disorder differ from one person to another, William D King shares some of the common signs:

  • Feeling restless, irritable, or nervous
  • Rapid breathing or shortness of breath
  • Getting panic or feeling impending threats
  • Shivering and trembling
  • Sweating
  • Increased heart rate
  • Poor sleep hygiene and nightmares
  • Loss of appetite or weight
  • Increased consumption of alcohol, tobacco, or recreational drugs

Fortunately, several ways are there to help manage anxiety and stress. Some of them are mentioned below:

Practicing mindfulness and meditation

Taking control of your emotions takes time, and it can be done by practicing mindfulness to distract your mind from troubling thoughts and fears. Whenever you experience an anxiety attack, bring your focus to deep breathing. Play some soothing music or try aromatherapy that will help you calm your mind. You can also consider exercising like running and swimming or practicing yoga to improve your physical health, positively impacting your mental health. Mediation is very helpful for stress, and science has also proven that. William D King advises you to practice meditation on a daily basis and eat healthy.

Taking over-the-counter medications

Many people rely on medications to improve their anxiety symptoms. You can consider taking antidepressants, sedatives, buspirone, beta-blockers, etc. However, it is suggested that you should consider meeting your healthcare provider first to ensure you can take these medications, especially if you are already taking certain medications.

Intaking calming supplements for anxiety

Many individuals either skip their meals or overeat when they are under stress or feeling anxious. Poor and unhealthy eating only makes the symptoms of anxiety worse. Consider intaking calming supplements for anxiety and stress besides maintaining a healthy diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables. If you’re a stress eater, keep healthy snacks with you to avoid munching on fast foods.

Stress and anxiety symptoms can be challenging to manage; however, you eventually achieve the desired results when you keep going. Besides maintaining a well-balanced diet and physical health, shop for calming supplements for anxiety and stress now to keep your mind calm and healthy. You can also add some fruit as well as protein-rich items to your diet that will help you in reducing the stress level.