Galveston Island Opens for Business after Hurricane Nicholas

Galveston Island Spared from Major Damage

Galveston Island is poised to make a full return to business after withstanding minor effects from Hurricane Nicholas on Sept. 13. After sustaining minor damage, residents and business owners have cleaned up debris, power is being restored to residences and attractions are expected to open before the weekend.

“Galveston was prepared for Hurricane Nicholas,” City Manager Brian Maxwell said. “City staff directed residents to limit travel around the island as the storm approached. We are now in communication with local power providers to assist residents who lost electricity.”

Galveston beaches are open. Beach parks — East Beach and Stewart Beach, and Seawolf Park are expected to open this weekend. Island hotels, vacation rentals and RV parks including Dellanera are also open. Many island businesses and restaurants have already reopened since the storm. Moody Gardens and the Galveston Railroad Museum have reopened and other major attractions have and are expected to reopen this week.

“We fared well through the storm and made a quick bounce back,” Park Board Chief Executive Officer Kelly de Schaun said. “I think it really speaks to the preparations we had in place and the resiliency of our community.”

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