A List Of Interesting And Awesome Flags You’re Gonna Love

The flags of the world are a fascinating and colorful part of our history. However, there are many other kinds of flags in the world: military flags, state flags (provincial or regional flags), city flags, and even the flags of sports teams. Then some flags were created for other purposes such as holidays or festivals, flags used by museums, official flags representing royal families, and also special interest group flags. Here’s the list of the most awesome flags in the world that you might have never seen or heard of before.

2nd Amendment flag

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution protects the right of American citizens to keep and bear arms. As seen on UltimateFlags.com this flag represents gun lovers in America, who feel that this amendment is being threatened by political powers. The Gadsden flag was designed in 1775 by US General Christopher Gadsden, also known as “The Father of the American Navy”.

St Patrick Irish flag

The flag of the Patron Saint of Ireland, St Patrick. The diagonal white cross represents Christianity while the four colored quarters are symbols of the national heritage. Green is for Catholics and orange is for Protestants (or non-Catholics). Blue was added to represent the peace with Britain and also because it’s a traditional color in flags (recalling the sky, sea, and lakes of Ireland).

Pirate flags

When you think of pirates, your mind probably conjures up an image of a skull with two crossed bones beneath it. This flag is known as the Jolly Roger and was used by European sailors during the 1700s. It was designed to resemble a white human skull above crossbones on a black background that was meant to strike fear into those they were attacking. This one is not only the most famous pirate flag but also a symbol of piracy in general.


Aztec flag

This was the flag that symbolized the power of Mexico’s famous Aztecs. The eagle on a cactus is perched over an extremely bloody human heart which stands for the religious sacrifice of humans to their sun god Huitzilopochtli to stop famine from hitting the people. The eagle is holding a snake in its mouth, but the snake is a metaphor for something else – the Aztec domination of its enemies. Very powerful stuff!

Flag of Earth

This flag is representative of the people who believe that our planet needs to be protected and one way we can do this is by flying the flag. It was designed in 1969 by Paul Gagner and has since been used at various environmental protests around the world. It shows a deep blue map of the world on a white background with a thin, black border separating it from the black background.

There is such a wide variety of flags in the world and we know there are many, many more.  This list has tried to include all of the most awesome flags in the world that you’re probably not aware of, but it’s by no means complete. However, there surely is a flag or two here that will pique your interest and we know you’ll enjoy discovering something new!