Book Donations Needed For Friends Of The Library Book Sales

The Friends of the Library (FOL) organizations that support Fort Bend County Libraries (FBCL) are requesting donations of gently-used books, DVDs, CDs, and audiobooks so they can replenish their supplies and continue their book sales and fundraising efforts. Donations can be brought to any FBCL location during business hours.

The FOL groups have long had ongoing book sales in the libraries, as well as special book-sale events periodically throughout the year. These book sales are a primary fundraising source for the organizations.

Money raised by the Friends of the Library Book Sale has provided funding for special adult and children’s programs, cultural events, and staff-development and continuing-education programs for library employees.

In addition to books, DVDs, and CDs, donations of gently-used LPs, Blu-ray discs, and puzzles are also welcome.

Items that cannot be accepted include cassettes, VHS tapes, encyclopedias, legal statutes, case books, National Geographic and some magazines, or books that are damp, moldy, dirty, or insect-ridden.

The Friends organizations are 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporations. Donations and contributions to the Friends are tax deductible.


The Friends of the Library groups are nonprofit, all-volunteer organizations. Each library has its own Friends of the Library group, and new members are always welcome.

Friends of the Library members support the library in a variety of ways. Some members are able to donate their time and expertise to support, promote, and raise awareness of their libraries, as well as augment the resources of their libraries. They do this through advocacy and through fundraising (usually book sales).

For those with limited time, simply becoming a member and paying annual membership dues are a wonderful way to show support of the library.

For information on how to become a Friend of the Library, see the Fort Bend County Libraries website (, or call any of the branch libraries or the library system’s Communications Office (281-633-4734).