5 Ways to Improve Your Green Card Lottery Results


Each year DV Program candidates wonder how to improve their DV Program application and get higher chances of winning the lottery. Entering your own application multiple times is prohibited by the U.S government, so there’s little room for improvement during the registration stage. Although you still have a few options that can help you win the Green Card.

All Family Members Can Apply

Previously it was allowed to enter several times with your own application for the Diversity Visa Program. While it certainly helped some candidates to secure the win, the overall process turned into an unfair mess. Therefore, authorities made a decision to allow only one registration form per person to make the odds even for all those applying.

How can one increase their chances of winning, considering the selection of successful participants happens at random?

Luckily there’s a small loophole that could help you: all family members are allowed to apply and include each other as derivatives. To qualify they simply should meet the criteria below:

  • Be above the age of 16
  • Hold a valid U.S high school diploma or a foreign equivalent


  • have work experience at an eligible occupation. The DV lottery requires you to have at least two years of training at a valid position. Find out if your job is on the list of eligible professions via http://onetonline.org.

Top-5 Tips for a Better Application Form

If your submission gets chosen by the drawing, it’s better to be prepared for the interview with the consulate. The government has zero tolerance for lies and misinformation, so all entries with incorrect data are automatically disqualified. Keep the following tips in mind to complete a perfectly acceptable application:

  1. Check for correct versions of spelling of all denotations in your form. A small typo can disqualify you instantly. Usually the most appropriate versions that match the government’s information can be found on Google.
  2. Put “married” in a marital status box even if you are going through a divorce process. Only once the papers are finalized you’re allowed to change the status. Notify the authorities as soon as you can of any occurring changes.
  3. Some countries have patronymics. Enter yours in the “middle name” box. The entered information has to match your passport otherwise you will receive a rejection notice.
  4. Another reason for disqualification is forgetting to include your derivatives. Firstly, it’s general misinformation. Secondly, if you don’t put information about your children and spouse in, it will be harder for them to obtain a Green Card in the future.
  5. Make sure you have the best quality photo in your application. It has to be taken no more than 6 months before registration and represents your current appearance. You cannot re-enter with the same photo you used in last year’s application; if you do so, your application form gets automatically disqualified. The DV Program only accepts digital photos. It’s in your best interest to take a picture using a specialized online DV Lottery photo service to achieve a reasonable result.

When Can I Submit My DV Lottery Application?

Get everything ready to apply by October 6, 2021. You will only have one week to submit your application, so it’s better to prepare well in advance.