Four lesser-known sports that offer endless entertainment

When it comes to sport, the first things that come into your head are all the old favourites — football, cricket, rugby, boxing, golf or tennis. But there are a huge number of slightly lesser-known sports that can offer just as much enjoyment once you get a feel for them.

We’re all looking for entertainment in our lives, and whilst the biggest sports provide plenty of action on TV and online, sometimes it can be a lot more rewarding to become engrossed in something slightly left of field.

Read on, as we look at four sports that have small but passionate followings, and discuss the ins and outs of each.


If you think cue sports are for you, then look no further than snooker. While the hard-hitting, blood-pumping drama of rugby or football might appeal to you, snooker is a much more measured affair, where angles, accuracy and mental fortitude are the order of the day.

The sport’s biggest event is the World Snooker Championship, which is held each April at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield. Snooker took the UK by storm in the 1980s thanks to a number of memorable personalities, and there are plenty of hugely entertaining players playing the game today — Ronnie O’Sullivan, Judd Trump and Neil Robertson, to name just three.

Greyhound Racing

If you’re after authentic sporting heritage, then greyhound racing is a sport with a rich history in the UK. Having been hugely popular in the early parts of the 20th Century, it’s fair to say that the sport has experienced something of a decline, but there are still plenty of people who love nothing more than betting on greyhound races and heading down to the tracks to watch the action unfold.

Greyhound racing has a loyal and passionate following, and a night at the races can be a great way to enjoy some old-school sporting action. The biggest event of the season is the English Greyhound Derby, which attracts thousands of spectators and gets plenty of coverage in terms of greyhounds betting tips.

Table Tennis

If your only experience of table tennis is playing at the office with your co-workers, or with your mates in someone’s cramped garage, then you’re missing out on a sport that is incredible to watch at the highest level. The sheer talent of the world’s top players is mesmerising to behold, and you’ll be left feeling that your backhand is pretty shoddy by comparison!

Major events in the table tennis world include the World Table Tennis Championships and the Table Tennis World Cup, whilst the Olympic Games stands as the ultimate prize for the top players.


Netball is more than just a game you play in PE class at school. In recent years, the standard of the top-level leagues has become greater and greater, and it’s a fantastic sport to get involved with. Netball requires great teamwork and discipline, and those who think it’s too simple a game are ignoring the many intricacies that must be mastered to achieve success.

The sport boasts four major international events — the Netball World Cup, Netball at the Commonwealth Games, Netball Quad Series and Fast5 Netball World Series. The sport’s governing bodies are attempting to get netball in the Olympic Games for Brisbane 2032, and we feel that it is hugely deserving of a spot.