Arctos Cooler Portable AC Reviews: Is this cooler a scam or legit?

Buying a personal air conditioning unit can be a daunting task, but with the award-winning Arctos Cooler, excess heat will be reduced and users will have peace of mind. The heat becomes unbearable as each summer passes and can even cause fatigue, heatstroke, and exhaustion.

Furthermore, the cost of running a traditional air conditioner, or even window air conditioner, can be quite high, and consumers are generally not using them because of the expense. Engineers from Japan and Switzerland worked to solve this problem; they built the award-winning Arctos Portable Air Cooler, which is a portable and innovative cooling solution.

The Arctos Cooler works as a cost-effective lifesaver during hot summer days, as it takes the burden of having to use the more expensive and noisy traditional air cooler to cool a home or an office. Many consumers are purchasing Arctos Coolers because it features multiple applications. It’s not only an AC cooler but also a humidifier and air purifier.

What is Arctos Cooler Advanced Technology?

To keep cool during the hottest summer days, a single fan isn’t enough. With the use of water evaporation technology, Arctos Coolers produce conditioned air. Using a special filter, Arctos Cooler purifies the air in any room by removing allergens, dust, and harmful microscopic particles present in the air.

Consumers with respiratory problems will be able to get several benefits from these air conditioning systems that are not offered by very many brands.

Arctos Cooler Specifications

  • Rapid cooling with 3 fan speeds in 30 seconds – refer to them as Breeze, Cool and Chill modes
  • 450 ml water tank capacity
  • Low noise
  • LED night light inside water curtain chamber
  • Replaceable water curtain
  • Adjustable louver to direct air
  • Powered by included DC5V plug
  • Input voltage DC 5V
  • Product dimensions: 145 (L) x 165 (W) x 165 (H) mm
  • Not a rechargeable / portable model – no battery, corded

Benefits of the Arctos Cooler

The Arctos Cooler Saves Space and Money

Individuals who work from home know how important it is to have extra workspace. An enormous fan would be difficult to fit in most rooms, and it would be less efficient than a humidifier or air cooler to cool the room.

Compact in size and running very quietly, the Arctos Portable Air Cooler is also portable and can be moved from room to room, saving consumers money because they only cool and humidify the room they are using instead of the entire house.

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High Adjustability

It seems that USB air coolers are limited in their functionality. While this device only needs to be turned on, it does not always work as efficiently as it should, particularly during the hot and dry summer months.

There are three fan speed settings on the Arctos Cooler so you can regulate the amount of cooling for a comfortable night’s sleep.

3in1 Functionality

The majority of air coolers sold on the market today use outdated technologies that are very limited in terms of their features. The only thing they do is blow out cool air, so they do not add moisture to the air, nor do they purify it.

Arctos Cooler can do all of these things thanks to its design. The machine lowers the temperature and purifies the air while maintaining normal humidity levels.

Easy to Use

Even though the Arctos Cooler is built with the latest technology, it is still easy to use because it doesn’t have a complicated design. Even seniors who don’t know how to operate modern technology can easily operate the settings.

Boasted for Durability

Despite being convenient to use, most desk air coolers need to be refilled too often, not to mention they break down after only a few months of use. The Arctos Cooler has a large water tank that holds up to 380 ml of water, runs economically, and runs for up to 8 hours at its lowest speed.

Additionally, it is made of durable materials and very sturdy, so even if used abusively and in harsh conditions, it will not leak or break.

Compact and Portable

Arctos Cooler is different from other air cooler available on the market in that it is not bulky and operates without outlets. Any office or room can be used to display it. Since it’s lightweight and fits so well in a gym bag, you can even take it to the gym.

Arctos Cooler Lets People Sleep and Work in Silence

Its ultra-quiet operation makes it perfect for those who work at home or spend time indoors due to allergies. Because it makes no noticeable noise, it can be run while sleeping as well. Furthermore, it comes with an LED light that makes it an excellent night light.


  • When device is filled with water, please don’t tilt, lie down or invert to prevent water from leaking
  • When transporting while filled with water, keep the base parallel to the ground
  • If you do not plan to use Blast Desktop AC Ultra for an extended period of time, it is recommended that you empty and let the unit and water curtain dry before storing. For immediate use, pre-soak the water curtain with water for 45-60 minutes before placing into the device.
  • If there is mold on the water curtain, discontinue use and replace curtain

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Arctos Portable Air Cooler Price

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Arctos Cooler Customer Reviews

We found TikTok user who reviewed this Arctos Cooler.

TikTok reviewer couldn’t get enough of how well the Arctos Cooler portable AC worked. It’s super simple to set up and use — just pour water in the top fill tank, plug it in, and enjoy for up to 10 hours.

“That’s cold air! This thing f**king works — this is an air cooler. Good job!” she said. “Oh my god, awesome. I feel like if I shut all my doors and just have this on, it could get really cold in here. Cool — awesome product!”


I love the hot weather, but those hot August nights can be terrible to sleep through! Thanks to Arctos Portable AC, I am comfortable no matter what the temperature is outside. I even take it with me while I’m camping.


I used to sleep with a fan beside my bed, but I found it to be too loud! If I was reading beforehand, the breeze was always bothersome. The Arctos Portable AC unit gives me all the cold air I could ask for, but without all the hassles of my old fan. It’s great.


I bought this as a present for my dad who has a tiny workroom for his rock polishing projects. He loves it. Now he can do what he loves for longer because he’s more comfortable.


I enjoy the heat, but sometimes it can be a little overwhelming inside on the hottest days, even with the blinds closed shut. I love the Arctos Portable AC. Although it’s easy to move around, I prefer it right next to my reading chair. Keeps me happy.

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Arctos Portable Air Cooler Most Asked Product Questions and Answers (F.A.Q)

Despite the growth of innovation within customization air cooler over the past several years, portable air cooler still remain the hottest products. While there are still some consumers who are curious about the Arctos Cooler portable AC air cooler, they need answers first. Arctos Cooler is a trendy new portable air cooler that is receiving a lot of attention.


Is the Arctos Portable AC noisy?

No, the Arctos Portable AC is very quiet.


How often do I need to clean or service the unit?

Wipe down the exterior with a soft, damp cloth as needed. The filter should be replaced every 3-6 months for optimal performance. Remove the filter and allow both the filter and unit to fully dry out before storing when not in use.


Does the Arctos Portable AC use a lot of electricity?

No, the Arctos Portable AC runs highly efficiently using evaporation technology that removes heat and produces cool air.


Can I buy this product in store?

The Arctos Portable AC is only available online and supplies are limited.


How do I set up the Arctos Portable AC?

It’s easy, all you need to do is plug it in. Every Arctos Portable AC ships with an easy-to-understand user guide with care instructions for ease-of-use.


What is the maximum number of people this portable air cooler can cool?

We recommend a single unit near each single person’s space of work or leisure.


Where is the best place to position my Arctos Portable AC?

We recommend positioning your unit close to an open window on a flat surface for best performance.


Is the Arctos Portable Air Cooler worth the money?

The answer is yes! A Proximity Motion Sensor is added to Arctos Coolers so that your electrical bill can be reduced even further by turning them off when not in use. It is also very environmentally friendly because it does not use Freon. By using filters, you can breathe cleaner and safer air.


Is the Arctos easy to operate?

Yes of course! Set your Portable AC on a flat surface and attach the power adapter into the port and plug the other end into a wall outlet. Remove the filter from the drawer, soak in water and insert back into the drawer. Fill the water tank with water, choose your preferred setting, and enjoy cool air instantly!


What features does Arctos Portable Air Cooler provide?

There are several! They are easy to use, filter dust and allergens from the air, provide fresh, cold, high-quality air, are freon-free, small, lightweight, easy to operate and eco-friendly.

To receive more information about the Arctos Cooler, or if you need assistance with your purchase, please contact the company’s customer service department by phone or email at;

Customer service team by phone:

Ontel Products Corp. 21 Law Drive, Fairfield, NJ 07004

TFN: 866-955-4574


Final Words About Arctos Cooler

If you don’t have central air, and a window AC isn’t an option, get the Arctos portable air cooler—the quietest and most efficient unit we’ve found after researching over a hundred portable air coolers and testing more than a dozen.



Don’t let the summer heat drag you down. Keep cool no matter what the temperature is outside with Arctos Portable AC! Quantities are limited, so be sure to order right away!

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