Different Types of Teas and Their Benefits

Not everyone understands the beautiful sensation of tea, the warm bubbling water on a typical Monday morning soothes the everyday tensions and burdens a person has to bear throughout the day. Essentially, tea makes life a bit more bearable.

There are also many health benefits of drinking tea on a regular basis. It’s stated that tea helps reduce inflammation and has incredibly lower chances of heart disease. Of course, we cannot claim tea to be the only factor to negate all harmful effects but studies have shown that green tea especially plays a very big part in helping out the human body combat any negative effects which may be present in any shape or form.

Major Types Of Teas

There are mainly 5 types of pure teas which are, black, green, oolong, Pu-erh, and white. You might have heard of many other types, but these main types are considered the true teas. What each of these types of tea has in common is their originating source, i.e., the Camellia Sinensis plant.

  1. Black Tea And Green Tea

Black tea is the most consumed tea in the world, many people prefer black tea over the traditional one because of its sharp flavor and strong effect. Black tea is usually preferred with a blend of other tea flavors and is proved to be beneficial for your heart’s health.  Green tea is the go-to after a long family dinner and is served as a refreshing beverage to cater to digestion. It helps improve the heart and brain health of a person. If consumed on a regular basis, it can prove to be quite beneficial.

  1. Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is mostly a Chinese-made form of tea and a survey conducted by the Journal of epidemiology and community health in 2011, has stated that most people who did not suffer from any serious disease were people who regularly drank this form of tea. Oolong tea is considered to be one the best selling teas, and it’s a proven fact that a lot of people have lost weight by regularly consuming oolong tea. Since it makes their metabolism much faster and has a significant result in reducing the weight of these individuals according to many studies.

  1. Pu-erh Tea And White Tea

Pu-erh tea is considered to be very light, it has a lower amount of antioxidants than black or white tea, people do honor it still by stating that it is very helpful in dealing with issues against Cholesterol. White tea has more of a group of unusual benefits as it has the traditional benefits mentioned above, it also has an increased amount of fluoride, due to which it has massive effects on removing bacteria in the teeth of a person.

  1. Changa Tea

There are many herbal teas that are widely popular in modern society as many individuals notice a lot of benefits to drinking them. Changa tea is one of them, it is often frequented in Serbia and the natives state that it has positive effects, it is stated in many cultures that the Changa tea has the ability to prevent cancer and aid in its treatment. Also, tea lovers believe that the Changa tea has the ability to help deal with stomach ulcers in the body as well, as it is highly rich in antioxidants and has a very refreshing, earthy flavor.

  1. Chamomile And Hibiscus Tea

Other types of tea also include Chamomile, which is supposedly given to patients with anxiety to calm their nerves, it’s treated as a bedtime beverage that cures the issues such as insomnia. It has a relaxing effect on the nerves of the body due to which it is wildly popular and a treat enjoyed by many tea lovers around the world. Lastly, Hibiscus tea is stated to have effects on the human body no other has, and can easily battle against high levels of blood pressure. It is a treat to drink due to the beautiful flavor. Moreover, it is often prescribed to patients suffering from blood pressure problems so they can have more of a relaxed time.

As every tea has certain benefits, in the end, it should be kept in mind that regardless of their countless benefits, these drinks should be used in moderation as higher amounts of doses can add huge amounts of caffeine into your system which is not well paired with the amount of sugar tea contains. However, for tea lovers, it’s time to make your palette international, throw out the old brands, and replace them with teas that give you the true sensations of the world!