What Is Cord-Cutting and Why It Is A Great Option For You

Cord-cutting is the process of canceling traditional cable connections or satellite services. This process is done to shift to low-cost TV channel subscriptions. It is facilitated through over-the-top (OTT) broadcast over the internet or over-the-air (OT) free broadcast through an antenna.

What You Need

Streaming Services

To replace your cable connection, you will require a subscription to online video services. These could be services like Netflix or live TV channels like Sling TV. Free and accessible sources of streaming video are also available. Examples of other streaming services include Hulu, Vudu, and Philo.

Streaming Devices

You can view a TV program without a cable or any satellite service. You need a smart TV, streaming sticks such as Roku, or a media streamer box. Connect these devices to the internet over your home network. You can carry your portable streaming devices when you travel.

The Internet

Cord-cutting requires your home to have a strong internet connection. This internet enables all your streaming devices to be online from any part of the house. In 2020, the number of households without pay-TV was estimated to be over 44 million. This increase has far much been supported by an increase in the availability of internet solutions.

Why You Need Cord-Cutting

If you can access a reliable internet, cord-cutting is right for you. In this section, there is all you need to know about Cord-Cutting and why it is right for you. Read on.

To Lower on Cost

Cable prices have gone up in the last decade. You can cut the cord without having to pay any amount of subscription fee. Nowadays, many TV channels are broadcasted live on YouTube, where you can watch them. Various services stream TV shows and even free live news.

Your smart devices have in-built apps like Roku or Amazon Fire TV. These apps can provide you with great shows for less money that saves your money.

Acquiring a smart TV, a streaming stick, or an antenna is a one-time cost. Here, you are not required to pay a recurring monthly fee for a cable or satellite service.

You Can Watch From Anywhere

A cable TV plan is tied to a specific location. You have to limit yourself before a TV at certain times. Also, you have to deal with recording schedules most of the time. According to Pew Research Center, 71% of Americans can access content online and therefore do not need cable or satellite services.

Cord-cutting comes with a lot of relief. With on-demand streaming services, you can watch anything anywhere. In addition, some streaming services like YouTube TV allow users to build up on-demand catalogs through cloud DVR space.

You can stream and watch content on your smartphone or tablet. This is especially when you are traveling. You only need internet access.

You Will Get Free Local Channels

There has been a tremendous increase in streaming options. This increase has been brought about by competition among streaming services. Apart from apparent channels like YouTube or Amazon, there exist many other free streaming options.

Services like Tubi, Pluto Channel, Vudu, and IMDb are free. This helps to reduce your Tv bill to zero. You can supplement them with paid services if you need them.

You Won’t Have Cable or Satellite Contracts

Canceling a cable TV is an irritating process. Cable providers will always try to use any available strategy to make you keep your plan. Some of these strategies include imposing high cancellation fees, endless hidden costs, and lengthy contracts.

Streaming providers will never force you with long contracts. You will never be tied to an expensive satellite service. You can add and drop them at your will without engaging in frustrating customer service calls.

Cord-cutting allows you to rotate between several streaming providers. Also, you can test various services and cancel them as you go. That way, you will be able to settle on what you feel is best for you.

You Will Have More to Watch

Every year streaming services increase their content spend. This move is encouraged by everyday growing subscription numbers.

There has been an explosion of video streaming services. Many streaming services bring about competition that leads to the availability of more content online. Each streaming service wants to provide more content for its subscribers.

Do You Even Need Your Cable TV Plan Anymore?

A cable TV plan is old-fashioned and expensive. It is now time to cancel your cable service. Cord-cutting is getting easier each day.

Live-streaming is no longer only for millennials. Make the right choice in cutting cable. You’ll never miss your old cable TV plan.