Pros and Cons of Being a Freelance Writer


The internet has brought about many job opportunities, one of them being freelance writing. Freelance writing comes with a lot of freedom because you break from eight to five working routines. If you like researching and you are a good writer, then freelance writing might work for you. However, before deciding on quitting your job and concentrating on becoming a freelance writer, there is a lot you need to consider. If you are a freelance writer and have no time to work on your assignments, you can get assistance from professional dissertation writing. Like any other job, freelance writing comes with advantages and disadvantages. Let us get to see them widely.

Pros of Freelance Writing

1.       Improves Your Knowledge

Freelance writing constitutes writing essays, articles, and blogs based on various subjects. Before you get down to write an article, you need to know the subject. You will be required to research widely on the subject, and through the research, you gain knowledge. As you write on different topics, for example about latest developments, you acquire the knowledge concerning the particular topic. Therefore, every work to you is a challenge, and the more you work, the more you learn about different aspects.

2.       You Can Work From Anywhere

Being a freelance writer means “being your own boss”. Nobody asks you to report to the office in the morning. It is your choice to work from wherever you feel comfortable. If you have children and your house is noisy, you can work from a coffee shop near you as you enjoy a cup of coffee.

Alternatively, you can set up a home office and create a great working environment. Also, work will not restrict you from traveling. As long as you carry your laptop with you, you can work from your room when out on a trip.

3.       Your Efforts Determine Your Salary

Unlike most jobs where you have a fixed salary, your efforts determine your salary in freelance writing. Double efforts mean more salary, and the salary becomes your motivation. You can double your efforts by increasing your working hours, working with more clients, and covering more tasks. In a traditional working system, even when the workload increases, your salary is still the same.

4.       Flexible Working Hours

In freelance writing, you are the business owner, and you set the rules. Unlike in regular jobs where you have to report to work at a particular time and leave at a specific time, working hours are flexible in freelance writing. If you are a morning person, then you can choose to work in the morning. If waking up is a problem for you, you are free to set your working hours to be during the day and late in the evening. The goal is to meet deadlines and cover up the targeted work; the time you work does not matter.

5.       You Don’t Need To Dress Up To Work

Most people go through the struggle of finding the perfect outfits for work. Does it look official? Is it too exposing? Am I underdressed or overdressed? Worry no more because, in freelance writing, you can work while wearing anything. You can jump straight from your bed with your pajamas and get to work. You can even work minus pants, feeling all free while at work.

Cons of Freelance Writing

1.       Unpredictable Income

In traditional types of job, you are sure of receiving your salary at the end of every month. In freelance writing, it is different because there is no fixed amount of money being deposited into your account every month. The income you get will depend on the amount of work you did and the client you worked with.

Clients pay differently, and in a particular month, you can get good pay, and in another month, the pay might not be good. Also, payment schedules are different, and at times you will have to wait for long before receiving the payment. To overcome this, you need to look for a permanent client and agree on payment terms.

2.       Difficult Clients

People have different personalities, and as a freelance writer, you will meet different types of clients. Some clients are difficult to communicate with, and they might interfere with your work. For instance, some clients might fail to give enough information concerning the work; others might fail to respond when you need some clarifications, while others will delay your payments. A problematic client is frustrating and demoralizing, but that should not kill your dreams. You will need to learn ways of handling different types of clients.

3.       It Is Lonely

Freelance writing means staying home all day. You might have lots of projects to work with and end up not being in good communication with friends and family. This will make you a loner because when friends plan out something, you might miss out when trying to beat a client’s deadline.

Also, you have no coworkers, and you do not meet your client’s one on one to communicate. You might go a week or even a month without having a lively conversation with anyone. It becomes so lonely because you only interact with your computer.


Despite the many benefits of freelance writing, it does not mean that everyone can do it. Evaluate yourself first before choosing to become a freelance writer. You must be able to sacrifice your time, be hardworking, flexible, and ready to learn new things to become a successful freelance writer.