The Benefits Of Renting IBC Totes

There are actually numerous pros of renting IBC totes or stainless steel intermediate bulk containers as opposed to buying them. There are many problems that renting can solve such as:

– Differences during production

– Not enough money/capital available in the budget

– Inability to deal with special orders

– Poor usage of money and even space when the totes are not in usage

When IBC tote rentals are properly done, it would be a very affordable way of eliminating the costly capital required in order to purchase these containers. Also this rental system is a very simple and easy solution according to Verde Trader who is an industry expert. Through rental, you can gain access to IBC totes in only a couple of days as oppose to waiting for many weeks. We will now take a look at 6 of the main advantages of IBC tote rentals according to this site.

Helps Save Cash

Since you don’t need to buy the IBC totes that you need, renting allows you to save a lot of money. These rentals usually have low monthly fees and you won’t even need to make a down payment. As a result, you can use the extra cash on your business.

Fast Results

You won’t need to wait for a lot of money to be available. When you rent an IBC tote, your business can use them quickly without having to wait.

Avoid Wasting Assets

Through renting only the IBC totes that your require, you won’t have extra IBC totes laying around your business compound taking up space.

Access The Best & Most Updated Equipment

If you buy stainless steel IBC totes, then you’ll have to commit to those totes and use them for a long time. This means that you’ll eventually own outdated totes. On the other hand, when you rent these totes, you’ll always have access to the best and most advanced totes on the market. This will ensure you never get stuck with old totes that are no longer relevant to the changing times.

Greater Budgetary Flexibility

By renting high grade totes, this will actually reduce your operating expenses both immediately and over time. This is due to the fact that rental is very simple and you’ll experience greater efficiency in your business and lower costs which will naturally increase overall productivity.


Lastly, it is no secret that any assets you own will depreciate over time. However, when you rent the stainless steel totes, your operating costs will likely result in more tax savings.