Qualities to Look For When Buying a Pocket Knife

Are you an outdoor person? Most people who love outdoor activities always have pocket knives. The pocket knives, as compared to the standard kitchen knives, have compact designs, are portable, and have many uses. If buying a pocket knife, you need first to understand your needs and then check on the knife features that will perfectly fit your requirements. What do you look for when buying a pocket knife? With so many pocket knife brands in the market, it becomes difficult to choose the best.

If you are looking for one and don’t know what to look for, worry no more. Here are the knife qualities to look for.


  1. Design

Generally, pocket knives are small, portable, and classy. When making the purchase, you have to make sure that its design perfectly fits your taste. In most cases, the pocket knife design dictates its weight and size. A complicated design will be heavier and more prominent in size than a simple pocket knife. Ensure you get a compact design, which is the favorite for many outdoor enthusiasts. As seen on this website, some brands enable you to customize your knife, depending on your preferences. Any design you choose must be folding to help reduce the size of the knife. Also, the knife design must increase its functionality and must be appealing to the eye. The pocket knife should not have unnecessary additions which might increase its bulkiness.

  1. Number of Blades

You already understand pocket knives have different types of cutting blades. Some will have only one blade, with others having several on the same knife. The number of blades per knife largely depends on personal preferences. Some will want a knife with one blade, while others will need one with several ones. Also, the number of blades can get dictated by the knife’s use.

A knife with many uses should have many blades and vice versa. Your knife becomes more versatile with additional blades, and you might not need an additional one. It can deliver more tasks than the normal one with a single blade. The only disadvantage is that it might get bigger in design.

  1. Materials

Which material will the knife be made of? Different companies use different materials when manufacturing their knives. Some will use high end-materials, with others using inferior ones, hoping to sell the knives cheaply. When buying the pocket knife, you have to ensure you get one with the best materials to ensure it lasts longer.

Other than longevity, you have to consider the comfort of the material in your pocket or bag. Smooth body material is mainly preferred as compared to a course one. For the blades, the material should be sturdy and stainless. It shouldn’t be rusty and must not get out of shape quickly. Lastly, the overall finish must provide much-needed comfort when using the knife, especially if it’s for an extended period. It is essentially testing the knife or getting its reviews before making the final purchase.

  1. Weight and Size

While all aspects largely depend on the design, you have to be extra keen on the knife’s size and weight. In most cases, it’s not the design that determines the weight and size, but the materials and the blade arrangement. You shouldn’t overlook these two determinants. Ensure you get the correct-sized knife that’s easy to control and won’t cause accidents when in use. Also, the weight should be comfortable to handle, even when using the knife for a more extended period. It shouldn’t strain your hands.

The knife’s size and weight also come in handy in its storage and transportation. When making the purchase, try as much checking on these specifications to get the right item.

  1. Accessories

Most pocket knives are sold with different accessories to make them easy to handle and prolong their lifespan. Some of the additions include pouches, oils, lubricants, cleaning products, and more. It all depends on the brand since not all knives come with these accessories. It is important to check on the same if you need a knife with accessories. You need to note, though, a knife with accessories costs more than one without. The number of accessories greatly determines the price. If you don’t need the accessories, you should go for the plain knives, which cost way cheaper on the same brand.

After checking all these determinants that will affect your purchase, you also need to look at the cost. Some of the best knives in the market will cost you more. The price will be higher if you need a more sophisticated design with accessories. It is important to create a good budget that will get you a better knife that fits your preferences.