Jensen Returns To Rams Hot Seat

J Jensen is returning home. Once more.

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The previous Mayde Creek Ram, Class of 1998, and previous colleague football trainer at Mayde Creek, 2005-2010, was named the Rams’ freshest head football coach and trainer on Wednesday evening.

On announcing the news, Jensen admitted that he’d been dreaming about the opportunity ever since he was a child and it was a dream come true for him to actually have been given the chance to lead the Rams this season.

In an emotional speech to the press, Jensen also confirmed that as been a local lad it meant an enormous amount to him to bring back some local pride in the team and be able to see some of his own friends and family shouting the team on in the stands.

Jensen, the cautious facilitator and guarded line mentor at Taylor the most recent seven years, succeeds Brian Randle, who left a month ago to take over Lamar Consolidated ISD’s freshest secondary school, Randle High, named after Brian’s dad.

“Mentor Jensen is energetic, dedicated and has a dream to lead the Mayde Creek Rams to the following level,” Katy ISD sports chief Debbie Decker said. “We anticipate the ability and mentorship he will bring to the group insight.”

Who is J Jensen?

Jensen was a champion hostile lineman for the Rams, where he was essential for one of the program’s best seasons in 1997, and featured at Eastern New Mexico University, where he was an all-gathering and all-locale watch in 1999. Jensen encouraged Eastern New Mexico to two Lone Star South gathering titles.

He has unmistakable designs for the football program and other athletic projects at Mayde Creek. Schematically, he will run a 4-3 safeguard and a various offense that adjusts to the abilities of his competitors.

“I will fight to get more children associated with every one of the athletic groups,” Jensen said. “I will be in the lobby, conversing with kids. I will be at the lesser highs, keeping those children energized. Being at the grade schools, conversing with kids. Simply attempting to expand numbers that gets more children and families engaged with the school and give them a greater motivation to remain qualified and deal with all the little stuff.

“I need to be there,” Jensen added. “I would prefer not to go anyplace. I need to be at Mayde Creek High School and give those children the most amazing aspect of everything.”

Where it began

Jensen began his instructing profession at Morton Ranch Junior High. He was there two years prior to getting back to Mayde Creek as hostile line mentor and strength and molding facilitator from 2005-2010, causing the Rams to sequential season finisher appearances in 2008 and 2009. From that point, Jensen went to Alief Taylor for a very long time as a hostile line mentor and in the end became co-hostile facilitator and unique groups organizer. The Lions made the end of the season games each of the four years Jensen was there.

He went to Taylor in 2014, where he changed to training the guarded side of the ball, having some expertise in the cautious line and tutoring players.

The Mustangs made the end of the season games in five of six seasons Jensen was there, including a state elimination rounds appearance in 2019 and provincial elimination rounds appearance last season.

“It’s tied in with building connections and telling children that what I say is the thing that I will do,” Jensen said. “It’s about the up front investment and telling that local area I’m here for them. Becoming acquainted with individuals and building that tight bond so everybody will have that common responsibility and trust. It’s not just around one player, it’s not about me. There is no genius. It’s about ‘we’ and us doing this together.”

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