Life Line Screening Reviews- Is Life Line Screening Legit? (Updated)

Do you want to do some tests but afraid of the pain that the process causes? If you are, then we have a better solution for it. Check out Life Line Screening Reviews and then decide if it is worth your attention or not.

Everybody wants a secured service that won’t cause any pain to them. Life Line Screening can provide some health-oriented service without causing much pain. If you are looking for such services this can be an ideal one for you.

But does it actually work? And is it possible to be benefited from their service? To know the answer read this article to the last.

What is Life Line Screening?

Life Line Screening is a name of a company that provides affordable and painless tests for people to maintain their health. It was started in 1993. The service was open from Florida to Midwest.

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You can get the tests for some conditions. And those tests will come in their lives later. There are millions of people who use this service and more than one million people get the service in one year.

Since its opening, Life Line Screening has screened almost eight million testes for people and their chronic diseases. This company is popular as it is considered the best quality test screening service.

It is called the best not only for great services but also for the price range. Most popular services cost more. But this service is affordable and good in quality.

Benefits of Life Line Screening

Calling Life Line Screening the best has a major reason behind it. You can get several benefits from this service. To let you know, you need to check the details well.

In the USA, about 4 million people die each year due to insufficient diet plans. If we check the reports of WHO, they describe that about 55 million people died in 2011 around the whole world.

This kind of death occurs because of having several diseases like cancer, cardiovascular, diabetes, and lung diseases. They died because of not having enough tests and proper treatment.

But having Life Line Screening, it becomes easier than before to understand the systems. Almost 60% of deaths happen due to having these diseases. But these health screening services can make all the trouble away. It can manage the diseases in a better way.

There are a lot of benefits of it available. Let’s see what the services are:

  • Abdominal aortic aneurysm
  • Elevated Liver Enzymes for liver failure
  • Six for Life Health Assessment
  • EKG electrodes for Atrial Fibrillation
  • Annual Key Health for men and women
  • High Cholesterol with Complete Lipid Panel
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Peripheral arterial diseases including plaque detection
  • Type 2 Diabetes Screening
  • Wellness Panel Premium for men and women
  • Carotid artery diseases such as heart attack, stroke, valvular abnormality, heart failure, and more
  • Bone density test for Osteoporosis

Does Life Line Screening work?

You can see a lot of advantages of this service as it serves multiple options to cure. It is considered a better option than cure because it prevents diseases in a better way.

People are generally worried when they are going to do the tests. Life Line service works with this fear and gives them a guarantee of the best service. It ensures you give you authentic information.

There is a thing you should know that no result can be 100% accurate. But this screening service can let you know about the information as precisely as possible.

Moreover, the services of this company are well-certified. So, you can rely on this service. And according to all the information, we agree that Life Line Screening works.

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How does Life Line Screening work?

Life Line Screening is a wonderful way to offer people good service than any other good hospital. If you want to know about how this service works, you need to know all about it.

It is a tracking technique for both you and your family. It helps to let you know about your authentic health report.

If you check the recent chronic diseases, you will know that both the primary and secondary prevention processes can slow down. It is also responsible for stopping the chronic disease process.

Life Line Screening is also the same type of thing but in a new version. It helps to stop enhancing the process of disease. Besides, it shows the current situation of your body so that you can be aware if there is any problem.

That’s how you can get the proper idea to set your mind according to your health situation. Further, it has a policy of health screening tests each year to check the recent condition and progress.

Furthermore, for having this service, you can be protected and ready for any circumstances because they give you an idea and suggest you if you need any changes.

Also, they give you some treatment plans so that you can work on them accordingly. It is an overall service with several good and possible outcomes.

What are the reasons for choosing Life Line Screening?

As you already get an idea of the effectiveness of Life Line Screening, you need no other reason to choose it over others.

However, you should know if there are other good facilities for it. That’s the reason we are going to explain to you why you should choose this service. Check out the details for more information.

  • There is a second technologist who reviews the reports so you can get the double-checked report to get accurate results.
  • This service is verified by both the USA and the UK.
  • The physician who reviews your screening results is board-certified with a proper license.
  • Other physicians review the peers’ reports.
  • The company can perform random audits of the screening results in time.
  • They also have labs that are certified by CLIA.

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Services of Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening has several options for testing out all of your body. You can also check mayo clinic life line screening for getting more information about it.

This service has about 15 preventive screening options to give you the entire report of your health. Besides, there are multiple testing opportunities at an inexpensive rate.

Such as ECG, abdominal ultrasound, blood test, and more. Check out life line screening lawsuits to get a detailed explanation of services. Also, let’s see what the services and testing options are and how they can give you the benefits better than others.

Limited ECG

You can get your electrocardiogram or ECG done quickly here. Doing ECG is a painless and easy process for all. And when you are going to do that, there is a technician who places 12 small sizes of electrode patches on your skin.

And that’s how the computer produces a phonograph of the rhythm of your heart that is called waveforms. If any abnormal thing is found in your body, the technician will get the reports and ensure if it’s authentic.

Life line screening reviews yelp can give better outcomes and authentic results just like that. They take another vascular test for an abnormal aortic aneurysm with the help of ultrasound.

Finger-prick Blood Test

To do this test, there is a technician who helps you. First, he will use a needle that comes in a lancet and pinch in to make a small hole in your finger. The lancet contains a tiny box where the needle is placed.

After that, the technician will take the blood from that hole of that finger and do the test with it. You will feel a bit prick while inserting the needle but that’s it. You don’t feel any pain after that and it is completely safe.

The technicians are professional so that they can do the work in a better way. This process is completely painless and quick.


The ultrasound test or USG is to know the situation of your by looking inside it. This process happens by protecting some sound waves in your body. It manages to show an image inside the part of your body that you want to check.

A technician is also there for you to do all the steps. To start the process, the participant needs to lie down and a technician applies a sound transducer or you can say a special gel. The gel does all the work by sending sound waves out of the body.

This process is fully painless but effective if we compare it to an x-ray process. It gives the proper 3d image by the reflection. And that is easier to do than other painful tests.

How to use Life Line Screening services?

Having the taste of this service is easy enough. You just have to be precise about your decision. Check the link life line screening phone number to fix an appointment.

And if you need to cancel any appointment, you can go to the website link of life line screening cancellation or call them on the official number. That’s how you can do all the processes easily.

However, the best way is to go to their official website to get the proper idea of how to get an appointment and how to do all the procedures. The entire process is super easy and quick. You just need 5 minutes to do it. Go to the GET STARTED option and do according to the instructions.

Dr oz life line screening is also a great option for you to get your tests done. Check out all the things before taking any decision.

Life Line Screening Pros and Cons

If you want to know all the things about life line screening pros and cons, then check out the details below.


  • This screening service helps to stop the progression of the disease and reverse the process in an effective way
  • It can put full control over the entire process right from the beginning to end
  • You can get an early treatment of diseases to get a better outcome
  • All the technicians and staffs are professionals with a good experience
  • The tests are inexpensive so that you can easily afford
  • It helps to detect early serious conditions
  • This service maintains the quality strictly


  • It is only available in the USA
  • The insurance of it is not accepted

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Life Line Screening Real Customer Reviews: A Glimpse

There are a lot of authentic reviews of it available. Get all life line screening employee reviews by checking it below.

“The Life Line Screening price was inexpensive. The people in there were helpful and experienced. They provide me with much needed comfort. They have checked my BP, heart as well as chest. They checked the heart, chest, and blood pressure. After that they checked the neck and the legs. It took nearly an hour to finish all these. It was a good experience indeed.”- Sheila from LA

“Usually I go to the Life Line screening once in a year for a timely check up . The technician is good enough. After going through some necessary tests, he shows me the results. It helps me to know how and in what way I can improve my health. Many of my acquaintances have taken help from Life Line and got benefitted”- Lenford from Springfield Gardens

“Life Line Screening was a different sort of experience for me. It felt so positive and jubilant about this that I recommended lots of my friends to go there. They managed to set up different service centers which were set up with some experienced and dedicated technicians to perform each test. It wasn’t pricey at all. Sometimes I get their mail for further tests when necessary. I’ll take many of their services in the near future. I am pleased with their quality service, so will you.”– Allen from Vancouver, WA

Life Line Screening Review- Our Verdict

Perhaps we have provided you with necessary infos and drawbacks of Life Line in this Life Line Screening Review.

You need to know all about the basics of it and how they do their tests. That’s how you can figure out if they are any good to you. So now it’s your time to wrap up and come to a conclusion.

Wish you a healthy life buddy. Take care!!

The FAQs About Life Line Screening

Is Life Line screening a good idea?

It is a good idea to use Life Line Screening. It has a lot of facilities that not all hospitals or clinics have. You need to know the details of it and how it works.

According to all the things, you need to decide whether you want their service or not. But if it is about the recommendation, you should try this out.

Is Life Line Screening a waste of money?

Not at all. It is not a waste of money. The process of taking tests is certified and safe. Besides, the price range of all the tests is affordable. So, you can at least try it out for once.

Is Life Line Screening covered by insurance?

No, Life Line Screening is not covered by any health insurance. That is the only disadvantage you can find. You will cost around $120 or $150 if you use the Life Line Screening package.

How long does a life line screening take?

The entire appointment of Life Line screening takes around 90 minutes. There is multiple paperwork you need to do before starting the screening procedure.

The time limit might be different depending on how many screenings you are going to take. This is just the average amount you will take.

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