How the Real Estate Market is Becoming More Eco-friendly in 2021


Eco-friendly homes will help to reduce our carbon footprint and improve the current state of the environment. Sustainable properties work to minimize energy usage, save water, and lower utility bills and increase the property’s value. The advantages of becoming more eco-friendly have caught the attention of those working in real estate and how developers, realtors, and investors can help make a positive change.

More and more properties appear on the market fitted with the latest eco-friendly features such as lighting, heating and plumbing systems, solar panels and smart technology to minimize energy usage. If you’re wondering how the real estate market is working towards becoming more eco-friendly and you’re selling a house that requires repair work, you might want to consider some of these ideas below.

Energy management systems

The real estate market is responsible for a lot of energy usage, and those associated with the industry should be looking for ways to make real estate more energy efficient. In the last few years, developers and property owners have been installing smart technology to help manage energy in homes and reduce the amount of power that is used. By using smart technology and energy management systems, real estate owners and tenants can monitor their usage and make decisions about how to manage their property’s energy in the future.

Some systems are more advanced than others and can track energy usage down to the day, device, and which room is using it. Some systems will send details straight to your smartphone, so you’re able to control energy usage whilst on the move, making it an attractive feature to have in new homes. Modern green developments include technology such as smart thermostats that control the heating and air conditioning by setting the device to heat or cool only when needed; this distributes energy more effectively, reduces bills, and helps combat climate change.

Recycle water and reduce usage

The amount of water wasted can significantly affect the environment, which is why the real estate market is working hard to help minimize energy waste. New eco-developments look to implement water recycling systems such as using rainwater to aid plumbing in properties. To look for more eco-friendly ideas, you can search for property investment companies like RWinvest who advertise the latest green builds and technology in some of the properties listed.

Solar panels

Using solar panels for electricity can be a great way to cut your carbon footprint and reduce energy bills. Modern solar panels can be easily fitted and blended into existing roof tiles, which will then power all or at least some of the property. With real estate developers incorporating solar panels into future designs, they can generate renewable electricity for the property or building by capturing the sun’s energy and converting it into electricity to use throughout the property.

With the right steps, the real estate market can significantly impact reducing our carbon footprint and becoming more eco-friendly. Once you’ve green-proofed the building, you might be looking for other ways to remodel your home or property before selling. Be sure to check out some more of our tips on how you can add value to real estate.