The best Bitcoin trading platforms in 2021

The Bitcoin industry continues to experience exponential growth big time. Most forex brokers and some e-commerce platforms are gradually accepting Bitcoin as a mode of currency exchange. This has significantly boosted the demand for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. As regarded as one of the most lucrative industries, the growing demand for virtual currency has significantly impacted forex trading.

 However, with a surge in the number of crypto-based trading platforms, identifying the best platform may pose a challenge to many. To be ranked among the best, high-security features play a considerable role in arriving at a decision. Therefore, this article spotlights the best Bitcoin trading platforms that you can try out.


Coinbase is undoubtedly one of the most popular bitcoin trading and crypto exchange platforms. Having been in operation since 2012, the platform has won the trust of many traders. This has led to a spike in users’ number to millions coupled by a strong finance base amounting to $ 300 Billion.

Coinbase tops the pack as one of the most profitable trading platforms. The platform features an intuitive user interface, exceptional security features and supports various cryptocurrencies. For more information you can visit here


Typically, eToro offers a wide of currencies and assets that traders can choose from. Though not purely crypto-based like other platforms, it has one of the best crypto exchange platforms. EToro is one of the most reputable crypto trading platforms in the world. The platform features low trading fees for some virtual currencies, virtual dummy, and copy trader account.


New crypto traders can try out coinmama to start them off. The platform has a seamless interface featuring many currency converters coupled by an excellent customer support system. Anyone looking forward to kick start cryptocurrency trading can sign up to enjoy a superb trading venture. Coinmama supports various payment methods, which makes it convenient for most traders.


Having been in the market since 2011,kraken is  one of the oldest exchange platforms available in the market. The platform features excellent security features .variety of currency pairs, and low to zero fees for traders. Experienced crypto traders can try out the platform to experience the great features. Though new traders may find it challenging to use the platform due to a complex interface, seasoned traders can find the features more exciting. Traders looking for a seamless platform with high-security features and great trading fee options can try out Kraken.


Besides offering the lowest rates in the crypto exchange industry, it features the highest number of cryptocurrencies for traders. Some of the notable features associated with the platform include an App and exceptional trading features.

Other features include an excellent trading interface and an active trader feature. The platform has a high trading volume coupled with mobile-friendly apps.


Binance is undoubtedly one of the most robust crypto trading platforms in the exchange industry. The platform has carved a considerable amount of market segments in the crypto market. Whether you are experienced or new in the game, the platform has various features in its ecosystem that favor all types of traders.

One of the unique features associated with the platform is that it supports its Binance coin. The coin functions on the Binance chain and supports many functions, including payment of transaction fees, making purchases, and other transactions.

 Other key features include exceptional safety standards, low transaction fees, and a pre-ICO stage incubator.


The platform offers a seamless user interface that new traders can easily use for those who intend to venture into crypto trading from scratch. The platform supports trading through the use of both fiat and cryptocurrencies. Some of the notable features include margin trading options, a wide range of fiat payment options, and traders’ opportunity to stake.


Though online platforms are flooded with several crypto trading options, the few crypto-based trading platforms highlighted in this article are the most credible in the industry. The key concerns for most crypto traders are the safety of their investment. In this case, these platforms have put in place extraordinary safety measures that guarantee your investment security. Try out any of the platforms and experience an excellent trading adventure.