Most Affordable Inter-Island Car Shipping in Hawaii

Moving to a new town is always a challenge, and it always entails a list of tasks you need to do to make the transition as smooth as possible. The process can even be more difficult if you’re moving to a new state, like Hawaii, as the rules can differ.

Bringing your car to Hawaii can be extremely helpful as this can make getting around a lot easier and convenient. However, inter-island shipping to Hawaii can be costly, so what can you do to make sure you’re still within budget?

With that said, check out below what you need to know about inter-island car shipping Hawaii and help you stick to your established budget.

What is Inter-Island Shipping?

When shipping your car to the island, Hawaii auto transport services can ship it to the nearest port from the mainland. From there, you can drive it to your new home in Hawaii. However, this can be inconvenient and requires more effort on your part.

Thus, some people opt to avail themselves of inter-island shipping services that can directly bring their cars to their new address. This saves them the time and energy needed to travel to the nearest port and pick up their vehicle.

The only downside is that it can cost more than port shipping as the transport services will need a truck to deliver your car to your doorstep.

Affordable Inter-Island Car Shipping Hawaii

Inter-island shipping can be costly, but there are ways to make it so that it fits your budget. Check out the things you need to consider to make it so below.

  • Large vs Small Carriers

There are typically two options when using a Hawaii auto transport service for your car – a large cargo ship that’s carrying many other vehicles or a smaller boat with just a few cars. 

While a smaller boat that’s carrying just a few cars can mean fewer chances of issues while it’s in transit, it also tends to be more expensive than opting for a large cargo ship.

Opting for a larger carrier is often the more affordable option between the two. As long as you choose a reliable shipping company to handle your car, then you don’t have to worry about your car while it’s in transit.

  • Closed vs Open Carriers

 Another factor to consider is going for either a closed or open carrier. As one might expect, open carriers tend to be less expensive than closed carriers. This is because open carriers tend to have more room to fit in more cars, and they’re more lightweight, which means cheaper costs for fuel.

However, it might not be the best option if you’re transporting a more expensive car model because your car will be exposed to the elements and can become dirty during transit. 

  • Time or Season

Another thing you need to consider is when exactly to ship your car to Hawaii. Like many others, car shipping services in Hawaii tend to be busy during the summer and slow down during the colder months.

Because of this, shipping your car to Hawaii in the summer might turn out to be more expensive than doing so during winter, even though December is generally Hawaii’s busiest month

Therefore, if you want to book with lower rates, consider doing so during winter. Some companies may even offer promos or discounts, so it’s recommended to check those as well.

  • Vehicle Type and Size

Before booking a shipping date, it’s recommended that you check with your preferred shipping company if your car fits the lowest, most standard rates. The larger your vehicle, the more expensive shipping it may be. This is also true for the type of vehicle you drive.

If you have an older car model, check to see if shipping your car is worth the cost or is it more affordable to replace it when you’re already in Hawaii. To put things in perspective, shipping a car to Hawaii typically costs around $1000 to $1500. This price can increase if you have a larger vehicle, too.

The only exception would be pick-up trucks as they tend to be in high demand in Hawaii and can cost significantly more there than in the mainland.

Final Thoughts

Having your own car when you move to Hawaii can be incredibly convenient, especially if you need to visit many places for business. However, inter-island shipping can be expensive, so finding ways to make it more affordable can be a great way to save on costs.

Opting for large open-air carriers and booking in the winter months can help cut down on some of the costs needed to ship your car to Hawaii.