How to Enhance Your Home Entertainment Experience

Given the popularity of mobile devices, there is still a spot in the house or a specially dedicated space that is just made for the optimal viewing experience. Watching films, TV shows, and other digital media on a small smartphone or tablet screen has its drawbacks. 

It can literally not be compared to the typical experience of watching your entertainment on a big TV screen with a group of friends or family, with a strong and high-quality surround sound system that increases your sense of immersion. 

One of the easiest ways to build the ideal viewing area at home is to simply enhance a room with a home entertainment center. And here is how.

Keep Things Organized

There are all the devices that need to be kept arranged on top of all of those audio and video components. Gaming controllers, remotes, as well as other accessories used in your watching room can create clutter. Thus they can quickly get misplaced without any sort of organizing done previously. In reality, TV remotes are the most often items being lost in homes. And while the prevalence of streaming has diminished the physical media libraries of many households, some homeowners do have DVDs, Blu-rays, CDs, and vinyl albums that they do not want to part from just yet. 

If you are one of those people, have in mind that a home entertainment center needs to be practical. You would need an all-in-one piece of furniture that provides storage space for television and accessories. It is possible to hold remotes and attachments, such as spare cables, in organized order in spacious drawers. 

To retain a tidy space look, your stored media can be kept locked behind cabinet doors, or, if you want to show off your amazing array of Blu-ray video collection, the solution could be to store them on open shelves.

The Bundle

There is no better experience than to have a package. It is possible to combine the cable TV, Internet,  as well as home phone into “one bill”. Some Spectrum packages can provide those Triple Play bundles that can enhance the overall entertainment experience. If you are wondering how much is Spectrum TV per month, it would mainly depend on the company. But usually, these packages can be Gold, Silver, and select. All are built with various styles of household in mind. These bundles could include national unrestricted roaming, 100 Mbps of internet, as well as over 125 free HD television channels. Also, you can get 12 months of DVR coverage. 

Think About the Audio

Audio is the second major piece of the entertainment center, right after having a cable TV, because a good experience of home theatre definitely needs a good speaker. In case you have put up with the sound created by your TV so far, all the tips in this section will be useful because you will gain a whole dimension of enjoyment. In the past five years, soundbar technology has significantly advanced. As a result, you can now get a lot of options at a variety of prices. It would surely be a big improvement over the built-in speakers of your TV, no matter which you invest in. 

Although, if you can purchase a soundbar set that has at least a separate subwoofer, or a sub and two satellites, the enjoyment will be perfect, to say the least. This will expand your soundscape and send you back the frequencies of bass that you have never had before. A decent collection of speakers doubles as a jukebox for parties or to enjoy your Spotify playlists when doing house chores as a bonus.

Wireless speakers such as the ones from the Sonos series could provide excellent audio quality without having to link items by cable. 

Comfortable Sitting Area

If you are the type of person who can not help but fall asleep in the middle of your favorite TV series while watching, there is a lot to learn from finding a nice place to sit. True, recliner lounge sets can be quite pricey, although, if you spend a large amount of time in front of your TV set, it would be wise to make it as cozy as you can afford to make it. 

Recliner lounges for home cinemas can be sold even with built-in cup holders. Remember that no one is going to blame you for taking a short nap every now and again since they are extremely comfortable. 

Keep It “Dark”

Consider investing in any reflective blinds or blackout curtains that can be closed in order to block out the sunshine. Darkening your lounge room, particularly the one with projectors or TV screens, does help immensely with black picture levels and contrast. Granted, when the sun is less of a concern movies at night are loved by all. 

Although, even street lights and neighbors can affect your viewing experience if certain measures are not taken care of. Blackout curtains also offer anonymity, heat relief, and certain sound damping advantages, so there are lots of upsides.

The Right Protection

At the very least, a high-quality surge-protecting power board can insulate your home theatre. The strongest of them can guard your TV set against over-current, the impact of a direct lightning bolt, and the majority of surges. If you have thousands of dollars spent on your Hi-Fi house equipment, it is a no brainer to invest accordingly in this so you could keep those machines secure. 

A good suggestion would be to use an Uninterruptible Power Supply if you want to go any faster, in case you have systems like a security NVR. In this situation, the point of a UPS is not to keep watching movies when the power goes out, but to ensure that there is a device between your gear and a disastrous power surge that will be “sacrificed”. 

Sadly, every couple of years, the batteries within the UPS need to be changed, and certain versions are no better than a decent powerboard. However, the mileage can differ which should not be underestimated.

There are a lot of add-ons to pick from and think about when you are designing a home entertainment system. In order to maximize your overall viewing experience, you can purchase headphones, DVD players, HDTVs, or even download smartphone apps. 

This is only an example of what you could do. Hopefully, this advice has given you a clue what can enhance your home entertainment experience to start. The rest is up to you and your personal taste.