Top 5 Best testosterone boosters in 2021

When you hear the word ‘testosterone’, what do you think of it? The general concept which goes through everyone’s mind is “Oh, testosterone? Definitely a male sex hormone!”. And that is correct, it is a primary sex hormone in men, but it also plays an essential role in the female body as well which cannot be ignored. You are going to get an idea of what testosterone is, how it functions in the human body and what are some of the best testosterone booster supplements you can buy to increase the hormone’s levels in your body in this article.

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What is testosterone?

C19H28O2, or testosterone, is a primary male sex hormone which is responsible for many vital tasks related to the gender and sexual behaviour of the person. A hormone is a chemical substance released by the body to send messages to vital organs and tissues to start or cease a process and to induce changes. When a person hits puberty, this specific hormone is the one responsible for the ‘puberty changes’ one experiences. (1) (2)

What are the functions of testosterone?

For example, deepening of the voice due to stiffening of vocal cords in your larynx, development and growth of the male sexual organs, hair growth on your face, armpits and the pubic area along with sperm production in the male testes are all induced by testosterone.

Following are some of the important functions performed by testosterone in men:

  • Testosterone regulates sex drive.
  • It increases the total bone mass.
  • Helps in fat distribution and storage.
  • Induces muscle hypertrophy and growth.
  • Increases Red blood cells in the body.
  • Probably the most important one; it induces sperm production in testes.
  • Hair growth on the face and body.
  • Psychological effects like mood alterations.
  • Fertility.

Some of the normal physiological functions of testosterone in the female body are:

  • Increase sex drive.
  • Increases bone density.
  • Helps in muscle strength improvement.
  • Fertility.
  • Menstrual and vaginal health.

Top 5 best testosterone boosters – Editor’s choice

Now let’s get started with the exciting part. We all know that market is flooded with all sorts of supplements which claim all sorts of things. Some of the claims by the supplement brands reach the level of lying about their products that the thing their product is not able to cure is death. How stupid it sounds, right?

So, with tons of options available and after dozens of ads which you get every day while browsing the internet of testosterone boosting pills and supplements, choosing the best and authentic one out of them becomes a very difficult task to perform.

Now that you have decided to opt for testosterone boosters for regulating your testosterone levels out of all other treatment options available, you might as well choose the best testosterone booster for yourself which guarantees results, is affordable without any inflated price and have minimal or no side effects.

After going through and considering the most important factors to look for in a testosterone booster, we came with the top 5 best testosterone boosters for you which are worth to give a try. The detailed review of each of them are as follow:

  1. Testogen testosterone booster

The top of our list and the editor’s recommendation for you for the best testosterone booster is the Testogen authentic testosterone supplement. The ‘ageing’ factor for which you blame on losing all your muscular bulk, libido and hair is just an indication of natural decreased levels of testosterone in your body. And this process is reversible. And the TestoGen claims to be just the right product to reverse this process and return your masculinity, sex drive and manliness to you.

You have perhaps heard of, or at least seen, anything about TestoGen in the past, as it is one of the most famous testosterone boosters on the planet. This supplement is made by the well-known British brand MuscleClub limited and sold in the forms of pills.

TestoGen GNC – Does GNC Sell Testosterone Boosters?

Today we are putting the TestoGen to test, and here are a few things which we think are worth mentioning about this product.

Ingredients used in the TestoGen:

There is no synthetic chemical or formula used to make the TestoGen testosterone supplement booster. 100% all-natural ingredients are used and compiled together to make this product. And all of the natural ingredients used in it, are scientifically proven to help increase or regulate testosterone levels, directly or indirectly, in your body.

There are a total of 11 different supplements included in it. Namely the D-aspartic acid, Korean Red Ginseng Extract, Fenugreek extract, nettle leaf extract and a few others. All of these natural 11 ingredients are backed by scientific research in boosting your testosterone levels. Each one of these is sold individually as a supplement in the market for boosting testosterone. The TestoGen is a combination of all 11 of these, so you can only imagine what this product is capable of. (3)

Being 100% natural, TestoGen is not as powerful and effective as the synthetic ones. Since there is a lot of research behind the prescription-grade chemicals for boosting your testosterone which is prescribed by your doctor, they hold more power than all the natural testosterone boosting supplements. However, the TestpGen has more than enough juice for you and the most distinguishing feature is the next one.

Almost zero side effects:

The brand claims that there are no known or extremely noticeable side effects in the TestoGen. And I kind of agree with the claim. Since it is based on 100% natural ingredients and extracts, it has virtually no side effects. The worst thing I read about it was minor heartburn or a mild headache one or two consumers got from it. In my opinion, that is not even considered as a side or adverse effect. And just like me, most of the people will be ok with it looking at the benefits this will give them.

Too good-to-be true money-back guarantee

When I first read that the brand which is selling the TestoGen testosterone booster is providing a 100 days money-back guarantee, something didn’t look right. As most of the supplement brands tend to provide a maximum of 30 days money-back guarantee, and that is even rare, a 100-day guarantee was a bit shocking honestly. But to my surprise, the brand was offering this guarantee to its customers. And this tells a lot about the confidence of the brand in the quality of their product.


The TestoGen is a great, or probably the best, testosterone booster with virtually no side effects, 100% natural ingredients and great money-back guarantee. This makes it a great deal to steal. However, the only con I can mention is that the company kind of forces you to buy the TestoGen in bulk.

When discussing the testosterone boosters in the market, when of the nig names which always appears on top and is always in Google suggestions is the Prime Male testosterone booster. They have built a huge brand based on just their testosterone booster and the product is available to ship all over the world, with only a few exceptions. Let us start the review with the ingredients inside it.

Ingredients used in Prime Male testosterone booster:

 A testosterone boosting supplement is only good and worth buying as the ingredients used inside it. This is also an all-natural supplement for boosting your testosterone and everything used in its production is 100% organic on nature. It is a combination of 12 different ingredients and we are going to give you a little briefing on each of them.

  • D-Aspartic acid Calcium Chelate:

Aspartic acid is an essential amino acid which is required, along with 20 other amino acids, to produce all the proteins made in our body. The Aspartic acid used in the Prime Male comes in a special form, as calcium chelate. This special combination of Aspartic acid allows it to be more soluble in water (75 times more claimed by the company). It is a scientifically proven combination of Aspartic acid for maximum absorption in the gut. The Aspartic acid has been shown to increase the testosterone concentration in the bloodstream by 42% in the timespan of merely two weeks by only taking as little as 3 grams per day.

  • BioPeine:

It is not a testosterone booster itself. But it helps indirectly in increasing the testosterone concentration in blood serum. BioPeine is a natural enhancer which helps improve the body’s ability to absorb different nutrients effectively in the digestive tract. As a result, it is compiled with all the other direct testosterone boosting supplements to enhance their absorption in the GIT tract.

  • Boron:

According to a recent research-based study, boron increases testosterone levels in your blood by as much as 28% in only 7 days. Another great benefit of Boron is that it helps tremendously in reducing the female sex hormone, estrogen in your body, which could otherwise overshadow the effects of testosterone boosters if present in larger concentration.

  • Korean Red Ginseng:

The Korean Red Ginseng is a very popular and natural source of a well-rounded health supplement. It is widely known all over the globe as the magic ingredient to treat erectile dysfunction in men. Research has been done on Korean Red Ginseng and it was shown that using the Korean Red Ginseng can reduce the risks of several testosterone-related problems like erectile dysfunction, low sexual desire and low sexual satisfaction by only consuming it daily for two consecutive months. (4)

  • Other ingredients:

Some of the other equally important and useful ingredients used in the Prime Male testosterone booster include Luteolin, which blocks the production of estrogen, Magnesium, which reduces the sex hormone-binding globulin or SHBG levels in your body, and Mucuna Pruriens Extract, which blocks prolactin (another female sex hormone) production in the body.

On the third place in our list of top 5 best testosterone boosters in 2020 is the Teso Max Crazy bulk testosterone supplement. The Testo Bulk has been named as the ‘best natural replacement of steroids’. It is shipped as small capsules of testosterone in a bottle and their shipping service is available all around the world.

The Testo Max is the best supplement to use if you want to boost or increase your testosterone levels without using steroids or all sorts of crazy stuff like that. The Crazy Bulk Testo Max, as its full name shows, is extremely popular among gym enthusiasts for muscle gaining and literally ‘bulking up’. Even the company itself advertises this supplement as a bodybuilding and muscle gaining supplement for beginners, intermediate or professional gym-goers. It works on the fact that testosterone is one of the most important factors in muscle building and shaping your body to give you that muscular look.

Content included in the Testo Max:

The testosterone hormone itself is the main component of the Testo Max crazy bulk. And the supplements included in this testosterone booster include some of the best sources of direct and indirect enhancers of the male sex hormone in the body. The testo max capsules are formulated by carefully combining and mixing D-Aspartic acid, Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin D, Vitamin K1, Vitamin B6 and a few others. (5)

Now let us take a closer look at them.

  • Vitamin D:

Vitamin D is a very crucial vitamin for the body. It plays its major part in the strengthening and structuring of the body’s teeth, nails, muscles and bones. It is the major forming factor for your bones along with calcium. It is also found naturally in Tuna, salmon, mushrooms, and whole eggs (preferably hard-boiled).

  • Vitamin K1:

Vitamin K1 is required for normal blood coagulation and wound healing functioning. It modifies certain proteins in the blood to initiate the process of clot formation. Like Vitamin D, it also plays its part in the metabolism of bones and blood calcium regulation. Its deficiency can lead to severe bleeding disorders. 

  • Vitamin B6:

Vitamin B6 is the most important vitamin of all for the metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates, and the production of fat and Red blood cells in the bone marrow.

The best alternative to Sustanon steroids:

The Crazy Bulk Testo Max is the best alternative, or even a better option, to Sustanon steroids which are used to increase testosterone levels in your body. This testosterone boosting supplement is much better, higher quality, healthier and even legal to use.

The Sustanon, or testosterone isocaproate, is an androgen-based, anabolic hormonal steroid and a testosterone ester which typically contains four different types of testosterone esters. Sustanon steroid is mostly used by professional bodybuilders and powerlifters to enhance their bodies and performance in the gym while lifting weights.

Crazy Bulk Testo Max is the perfect replacement for that as it eliminates all the risks involved with the use of steroids.

The best age to start using testo max crazy bulk:

The natural testosterone produced by our body starts its peak right during puberty and remains until the mid or early 30s of one’s life. After that, if you do not take care of your health, watch what you eat or don’t exercise, chances are that your natural testosterone starts to drop gradually. That’s where the need and use of testosterone booster supplements kick in. So the recommended age for using the Testo Max testosterone booster starts from your mid-30s if you are experiencing symptoms of low testosterone levels, or you can choose to start using it anytime if you are a gym enthusiast and are looking for a healthy testosterone booster.

Nowadays, it is quite difficult to find a supplement which is good enough to provide you with better performance in the gym with all of the scams around the internet. TestoFuel is one of the only few original supplements which do not make false claims and give false hopes to its consumers. It is a completely transparent brand with a transparent supplement.

The TestoFuel once got so famous that several rips off and copy cats of the original TestoFuel started to appear on the market. But none of them could reach the level the original brand did due to its maintained quality product.

An Overview of TestoFuel:

Till now we have learnt that testosterone is a crucial hormone for your body which causes hampering of your overall muscle growth if its imbalance occurs. The TestoFuel all-natural testosterone booster is a 100% natural supplement produced by the globally well-known brand of supplements and healthcare products, Roar Ambition Ltd. Scientifically proven ingredients are used in the making of this supplement which is not only helpful in enhancing your physical strength but also improves your overall sex drive.

It is one of the most effective testosterone boosters on the market, that is why we have included its review in our list.

Pros of the TestoFuel testosterone booster:

Being a testosterone boosting supplement, it has several advantages if used according to the recommended dose by the manufacturer. Some of the advantages of using TestoFuel are as follow:

  • 100% all-natural testosterone boosting supplement for muscle gain.
  • Regulates the normal testosterone levels after it starts naturally decreasing in your body.
  • Improves your physical strength.
  • Enhancement of sex drive.
  • Improvement of your mental agility.
  • Speeds up the fat loss from unnecessary places.
  • An astonishing 90 days money-back guarantee by Roar Ambitions Ltd.

Cons of the TestoFuel:

What do you say about a product in which finding a back draw becomes so difficult that you can’t even decide what to include? The only downside I was able to find was the fact that TestoFuel is not available in physical markets like your nearby retail stores. You will have to order the TestoFuel testosterone boosting supplement online and wait for its delivery. However, that is not much of an issue.

Is TestoFuel legit?

This and all the other testosterone enhancing supplements mentioned on the list are 100% legit. They are the most popular, authentic and highly rated testosterone boosters online. The TestoFuel is only a diet-related supplement for testosterone which is made of all the organic ingredients. All of those organic ingredients are backed by scientific research to prove that they all affect, directly or indirectly, the testosterone concentrations in your body.

No steroid-based powders, steroids or anything else is being used. Thus, this testosterone booster gives you peace of mind by keeping it transparent about which ingredients are used in it.

The last but not least very famous and original testosterone boosters available online is the TestRX testo booster pills. TestRX is a testosterone-based food supplement produced and supplied by Leading Edge Health, and according to them, it aims in helping men in reaching their body and muscle goals along with some other general health benefits. It is a well-produced blend of multiple common yet important vitamins, minerals and nutrients. But most importantly, it has supplements which are directly going to push the testosterone hormones in your body.

For what purposes, the TestRX can be used?

The main basic purpose of all the testosterone supplements is to find a replacement of naturally occurring testosterone in your body which is going down the road gradually. Having a testosterone boosting supplement like the TestRX will enhance the production and release from the testes to increase its concentration in the blood.

The TestRX can be used to treat the common deficiencies in ageing men due to low testosterone levels like low libido and losing muscle bulk. With TestRX, these deficiencies will vanish away and the symptoms will disappear which were mostly as a result of deficiency of testosterone or any of the essential nutrients like Vitamin K1, Vitamin B6 or others. The additional nutrients added in the TestRX helps in solving the issues due to these other deficiencies as well.

This can be extremely helpful for people who are experiencing difficult symptoms like low sperm count and motility.

Blend of ingredients used in the TestRX:

This testosterone booster does not consist of one main component only. It is a mixture of different naturally-occurring testosterone boosters and a few minerals. The main focus ingredients in the TestRX are Fenugreek and the D-aspartic amino acid. Fenugreek holds its importance for treating the erectile dysfunction and is generally found to be safe to use for this purpose. It belongs to the family of Fabaceae plants and helps minimise the symptoms due to androgen-based testosterone deficiency in the body. It has been a trusted medication being used for a long time as a drug able to eliminate fat storage in the body and improves sex drive.

D-aspartic acid, on other hand, is an amino acid used for the production of proteins in the body as we mentioned earlier. The reason for it being used as an ingredient in the TestRX is that it is a naturally occurring amino acid which has been scientifically proven to boost testosterone in men. Some of the other important nutrients used in the TestRX include Vitamins K2, D3 and B6, Zinc and Magnesium. (6)

What is the recommended ingestion period of TestRX?

Leading Edge Health Ltd. recommends its users to start the continuous use of TestRX for at least three to four weeks on consecutive days to notice any kind of difference. However, the general recommended time to ingest testosterone boosters daily is in the middle of one to two months.

Final words

We hope that this article has covered every aspect of the best testosterone boosters to use which you were looking for.

Are you planning to start using one? Consider, compare and then make decisions based on the requirements of your own. Wishing you the best.