Barry Bonds Steroids: Did Barry Bonds Use Steroids [before and after steroids 2021]

In 2007, Barry Bonds found guilty in baseball’s steroids scandal and was indicted on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice for allegedly lying to the grand jury during the federal government’s investigation of BALCO.

Did Barry Bonds use steroids for sure?

For those who may not know, Barry Lamar Bonds is an American Former Professional Baseball left fielder who in his life played 22 seasons in Major League Baseball with the Pittsburgh Pirates and San Francisco Giants. As a sportsman or a celebrity, it’s a dream job to get his signature on the Hall of Fame. 

Barry Bonds’s hall of fame dream never came true as his controversial career became a central figure in baseball’s steroids scandals. Barry Bonds was accused of lying to the grand jury during the federal government investigation at Balco in 2015, where he was investigated about the use of steroids or performance enhancement drugs. Later, the perjury charges against barry bonds were dropped and the initial obstruction of justice conviction was reversed in 2015. 

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Barry Bonds Fact Check

Feb. 17, 2004

Anderson tells federal agents he gave steroids to several baseball players.

Feb. 27, 2004

Two lawyers for Anderson say Bonds was offered steroids but never took them.

May 4, 2004

Before a game at Shea Stadium, Bonds talks with reporters for 45 minutes, again denying that he used steroids. 

June 25, 2004

Bonds angrily denies Tim Montgomery’s leaked testimony that Conte gave Bonds the steroid Winstrol, and threatens to sue Montgomery. Conte’s attorney also denies Montgomery’s story.

Sept. 24, 2004

Bonds is randomly tested for steroids before a game against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Bonds tells, “I’m glad this is finally happening. They’ll get the results and it will clear my name. It’ll show that there’s nothing behind what I’ve been doing [on the field] all year.”

Nov. 2, 2004

Reports emerge that Anderson told federal investigators the year before that he had supplied steroids to several members of the San Francisco Giants, but he insisted Bonds was not one of them.

March 10, 2006

Former commissioner Fay Vincent and John Dowd, the lawyer who investigated Pete Rose, called on commissioner Bud Selig to hire an outside investigator to research allegations of steroid use by Bonds.

March 17, 2006

Conte tells USA Today that he never gave Bonds steroids. “BALCO did not give him steroids,” Conte said March 16 by phone from Taft (Calif.) Correctional Facility. “I never gave him steroids.” Conte made similar statements in reports from and AP on Dec. 1, 2005.

Barry Bonds Steroid Case is Over! 

After a very long federal prosecution in the pursuit of barry bonds, the case is officially over. This exactly occurred after Melinda Haag, the US attorney for Northern California filed a short notice with the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals on the morning and the government didn’t attempt to take this case to the supreme court. 

Barry Bond was convicted in 2011 for the obstruction of justice in connection with the illegal use of performance enhancing drugs. This conviction was first supported and upheld by 3 judges in the 9th Circuit panel but then it was put down by an en bank panel which comprised of 11 judges. That was the last decision of the Justice Department to NOT appeal to the high court. 

The prosecutors investigated the BALCO, one of the largest sports labs that were rumored to supply banned substance to the elite athletes. They also charged Barry Bonds with perjury and obstruction in connection with his 2003’s testimony. 

According to them, Barry Bonds lied when he was asked if he has been using steroids and had tried to mislead the grand jury with an elusive answer about his drug use. 

Not sure if you answer as “I was a celebrity child” when the jury asked whether you did use the injected substance. This made jury failed to reach a verdict on three perjury counts. 

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Here’s what happened…

The question was asked by prosecutors whether Greg (Barry Bonds Trainer) ever give anything that needed a syringe or inject yourself with?

Answer: I only had one doctor touch me. And that’s my only personal doctor. Greg, like I said, we don’t get into each other’s’ personal lives. We’re friends, but I don’t — we don’t sit around and talk baseball, because he knows I don’t want — don’t come to my house talking baseball. If you want to come to my house and talk about fishing, some other stuff, we’ll be good friends. You come around talking about baseball, you go on. I don’t talk about his business. Do you know what I mean?

Q: Right.

A: That’s what keeps our friendship. You know, I am sorry, but that — you know, that — I was a celebrity child, not just in baseball by my own instincts. I became a celebrity child with a famous father. I just don’t get into other people’s business because of my father’s situation, you see.

The 11-judge panel ruled 10-1 that the statement did not constitute obstruction of justice.

“I got to ask, Mr. Bonds,” the prosecutor said. “There’s this number on a document with your name … and it does have these two listed anabolic steroids as testing positive in connection with it. Do you follow my question?”

Bonds replied, “I follow where you’re going, yeah.”

The prosecutor continued, “I guess I got to ask the question again. I mean, did you take steroids? And specifically this test is in November of 2000. So I’m going to ask you in the weeks and months leading up to November 2000, were you taking steroids?”

“No,” Bonds replied.

Did Barry Bonds Ever Use Steroids?

We don’t care if it’s going to hurt some of his fans but you cannot skip reality by closing your eyes. Barry Bond indeed used illegal steroids and not just one but many. 

It starts with the book called Game of Shadows by Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams who claims that Barry Bonds used several different steroids for attaining the all-time home run record. These were the steroids used by the bodybuilders as well as the types specifically made for Bonds which were undetectable in a drug test. 

In Novermber2007, Barry Bonds was charged with five felonies. These were indicted as a result of 4 years’ federal investigation including perjury and obstruction of justice. According to the accusations, the government could prove that blood seized in the 2003 raid of the Bay Area Lab were tested positive for steroids which belonged to Barry Bonds. 

Barry Bonds being the champ for the homerun used the following steroids to get maximum athletic fitness. 

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  • Winstrol

Chemical name: Stanozolol

During 1998, Winstrol was the most popular steroid which Bonds used allegedly. Amongst bodybuilders, Winstrol is the exceptional type of anabolic steroid to build gigantic shoulder tendons. The steroid was also used by the Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson who was later disgraced and dismissed. 

  • Deca Durabolin

Barry Bonds reportedly used Deca Durabolin injections which at times used to treat anemia in patients. Popular amongst bodybuilders, Deca Durabolin enhances endurance and stamina during physical exertion. 

  • Human Growth Hormone

The book clearly states that Bonds used HGH which is an undetectable type of steroid. This was given to Barry Bonds as a cocktail with other steroids to strengthen the bones, joints, and muscle tissues. HGH is rumored to supply immense power to barry bonds during his season to maintain muscle mass. 

  • Andriol

Today it’s known as testocaps for a testosterone boost, in the old days, it was known as Mexican Beans. The special thing about this steroid is it takes the effects quickly and leaves the body ASAP. 

  • Trenbolone

Trenbolone is used excessively in animals to maintain their muscle quality and power. Surely barry bonds used this for utmost power leverage. 

  • Clomid

The use of multiple steroids at once causes Testosterone Suppression in most uses. To overcome the side effect, barry bonds took Clomid to regain his natural testosterone production. According to the book Game of Shadows, bonds always ignored the advice of his trainer which was to take the time off between cycles to allow this procedure to occur naturally. Clomid nowadays is consumed as a PCT measure. 

  • Insulin

Insulin intake is known to enhance the effectiveness of Human Growth Hormones. 

  • Creams

The founder of Bat Area Lab Co-Operative (Balco) gave Barry Bond a testosterone-based cream to compliment his agility and muscle tone. 

  • The Clear- Norbolethone or THG

Also given by Victor Conte, founder of Balco. The clear was used by many world-leading Olympic level sprinters, even Tim Montogomery (former 100-meter world record holder) used it. This drug was established to treat certain medical conditions but was dropped due to the side effects. 

The Takeaway on Barry Bonds Steroids

Barry Bonds today isn’t using any steroids because of his age. If his career was ended in 1998, he wouldn’t be a .290 hitter with 411 home runs. Speaking of Barry Bonds hall of fame, there are 4 other players eligible for the hall of fame with at least 400 home runs and 1,900 hits combined with a .290 career average. 

Steroid abuse has ruined the lives and careers of hundreds of athletes and bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jinder Mahal, the compounds are basically used for medicinal purposes, and in the old days, they didn’t have even a proper Post Cycle Therapy option apart from Clomid. 

The conversations with the Prosecutors clearly mention Barry Bonds allegedly used steroids many times in his life. The indictment couldn’t be much harsh if it was for personal gains.