What Makes CrossFit the Ultimate Training for Gym Junkies

These days, gym junkies are all about CrossFit. If you haven’t yet joined the bandwagon, you might be curious why most of your buddies like this fitness workout. And why some of them have been doing it for years now.

Well, the short answer is it’s challenging and engaging. CrossFit is not just a training exercise that focuses on one area. It is famous for providing the trainee with every routine they need to be fit, strong, and healthy. Exercises for this workout are very varied and will enhance all of the facets of your body.

So what exactly makes CrossFit the supreme training for gym junkies like you? Let’s find out.

It’s An All-in-one Recipe

The most unique thing about CrossFit is that it does not focus on any type of training. Instead, it gives its students all the exercises they need depending on their fitness level and goals. CrossFit routines combine every training there is. From weight and strength training to explosive plyometrics, bodyweight exercises, gymnastics, and endurance training, all of these are taught to the trainee.

It has all the recipes for a mega fitness guru. You would have a slice of each and can even choose to focus on one training but still needs to keep up with the work in other areas. Having this convenience would assure you that you are doing all that you can to have a holistic, physically fit body.

It’s Never Boring

With CrossFit’s featured Workouts of the Day, you would never feel like the “same old, same old” workout routine that you get in specialized training. When you enroll, you will be given a different grueling exercise each day that you have to do properly to as many as you can in the allotted time. 

You can even spice up your CrossFit training by wearing a CrossFit weighted vest. As mentioned at ExileGear’s blog at https://exilegear.co.uk/products/weighted-vests, adding a weighted vest to your CrossFit workout will increase your heart rate by 3 to 5%. This faster heartbeat is a good indication that your body is adjusting to the increase in stress it is put into because of the weighted vests.

It Does Not Take Up Much Of Your Time

And when I say it takes just a little bit of your time, I mean it only takes 5 to 15 minutes to finish your CrossFit training. That means you’ve had enough dose of your daily adrenaline rush but still have time for coffee.

The reason why CrossFit exercises take only a quarter of an hour is that the workouts are so intense that overtraining is possible if you do it much longer. And as a gym junkie, you would know the adverse effects of overtraining. As fierce and energy-zapping as it is, CrossFit should be enjoyed by people that already have an active lifestyle. Venturing in it with little or virtually no physical activity might also have negative results.

It Can Be Done Even Without Any Equipment In Hand

CrossFit exercises are very functional, and most of them are done without any equipment. You can choose from over a hundred workouts that require no gear to be performed.

If there is equipment involved in the training, you would only need the simplest tools like a pull-up bar, rings, a rower, battle rope, kettlebells, or an assault bike. They are all free-standing and basic gears that you wouldn’t surely have a hard time figuring out how to use them.

Because of the simplicity of the equipment, you can opt to train CrossFit at the comfort of your home provided that you have already been working out and that you have ample knowledge on how to do the exercises the right way. If not, you can always enroll at the nearest fitness studio near you. The training has over 15,000 affiliate gyms and fitness centers.

It Emphasizes The Importance Of Nutrition

CrossFit does not just enhance your physique and teach you the proper techniques of exercising but is also concerned about the food you stuff into your mouth. CrossFit recommends eating enough meat, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits, starch, and preferably, no sugar.

It follows the Zone diet meal plan formulated by the biochemist Barry Sears, 30 years ago. The Zone diet was designed to lower your blood sugar and reduce inflammation. Minimizing the inflammatory tendencies of your body can bolster your recovery from workouts and will also reduce your risk of developing heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, and fight obesity.

The CrossFit website suggests that you religiously follow the Zone diet for four weeks then you can tweak it according to your needs.

It Gives You A Real-time And Accurate Progress Report

Your progress in the training is not obtained from a series of graphs and numbers from your phone or computer when training CrossFit. You will be the judge of that. Since CrossFit exercises are designed to be done in as many as you can for the predetermined duration, you will have a precise measure of your fitness level and your progression throughout the training.

To accurately check your progress from time to time, you can just simply keep a workout journal on your phone and log in the number of repetitions for a particular exercise and stamp it with a date. That way, when you come across the same workout again, you can compare your performance to the previous one. This might also be a motivator for you to keep on training once you see the good results.

After all the reasons have been laid out, you may have been convinced that CrossFit is the ultimate fitness challenge for a gym junkie like you. Plus, it does not just think of ways to keep you healthy and fit but encourages you to arm yourself adequately with the right nutrients and a lot of rest. CrossFit recognizes that what fuels your body is the food that you eat and the quality of rest you ought to have. And of course, CrossFit is fun and very engaging with all the varieties of exercises you can possibly imagine. Happy training!