Getting Free Legal Advice? Here Are Handy Tips To Keep In Mind

Nowadays, it’s rare to get anything for free, even if it’s just advice. More often than not, when we find something being offered for free, three words come into mind, “ What’s the catch?” While with most things one can afford to take a risk, when it comes to legal matters, one misguided or misunderstood advice can actually land you in heaps of trouble. This, however, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t opt for free legal advice when you can; it only means that you should keep certain things in mind when you do choose to get free legal advice. Here are some handy tips to point you in the right direction.

Do Your Homework

The first thing we find quite helpful for those heading to their first free consultation is doing a little pre-reading. Just like you would before going to a restaurant or booking a hotel, read up on the law. If you believe you have been involved in a personal injury case, read up on the laws related to that type of case, and so on. That way, when explaining, not only will you be able to stay mentally on top of the conversation, but you will also be able to talk to the lawyers in their own language. People often underestimate that, but it goes a long way. Plus, in a free session, you need to benefit from every little bit of time you’re allotted. That time is all too precious to be wasted on them explaining each and every term. Though most lawyers would do so gladly, it’s your time that is going to be wasted.


Consultations are all about proper communication. A session between two good communicators can be highly beneficial, while another between two people out of the loop can be disastrous. Most people believe that communication is just about talking, but the fact is that it is equal parts of talking and listening. At your session, you must try – with the best of your abilities – to present all sides of your case as truthfully and in as much detail as possible. Not only that, but you must also listen very carefully when they talk back. If you’ve watched any legal drama, then you know the weight of one word in a contract or a case. So, for your sake and theirs, make sure you understand them clearly, and that you are clearly understood by others. Don’t hesitate to ask either. If they took you in, it means they already expect you to want to know as much as you can about your case.

Know Your Case

Many firms and law practitioners offer free legal advice, but not all of them will personalize the information they offer you based on your particular case. Not all cases are the same, and this is why knowing and understanding your situation can help you a great deal. As mentioned on, one of the things you should ask for during your free consultation is personalized service and advice. Should you choose to continue with that lawyer, make sure they are using a personalized strategy. While offering effective advice is one of their main responsibilities, they can’t do that if you don’t know your case well enough to give them accurate information that they can go off of.

Think Ahead

Whether you are planning on hiring a lawyer, or you are only going in for a freebie, we urge you to focus on being mindful during your session. Other than the advice, the other purpose of a free session is to try out the lawyer sitting in front of you. Many people often find themselves stuck with a lawyer who is a wrong fit. The experience ends up being more a hassle than it is a help. After all, a team out of sync can be frustrating for everyone, which has a high risk of leading to bad results. In the session, note if your counselor is a good listener and if they are quick on catching up with you. Note their patience levels and the effort they put into understanding and explaining. Aside from their general demeanor and your feelings towards them, a free session can tell you a lot about what to expect should you choose to hire them.

With the above points in mind, there is no reason for your free legal session to go sideways. As long as you do not blindly follow their advice and, you have nothing to worry about. Pay attention to the information you’re being offered and make sure to get a second opinion if you’ll be handling your case on your own. For those who feel self-conscious about asking questions, please don’t; make sure you get the most out of your free consultation and don’t hesitate to share any concerns or questions.