Blaux Personal Heater Review: Important Blaux HeatCore Facts

Blaux Portable Heater
Blaux Portable Heater

Blaux Heater is described as a fast-acting ceramic mini heater that can take spaces, from cold to warm and cozy with the click of a button.

As winter approaches in many places around the world, not everyone has access to a central heating system in their home; and for the most part, those who do have it, the heater does not warm the whole house and it can take about an hour to heat up completely. This is why small electronic heater devices like Blaux Heater are rising in popularity, as they provide a practical solution for those who want to heat up their space for quick comfortability.

Unlike a central heating system that can create a costly bill, the Blaux portable heater solution can help cut the cost of electricity during cold days. According to the official website, The Blaux heater is a mini ceramic heater that can provide warmth within a short period of time. The heating fan starts emitting heat and warmth as soon as you switch it on. Plus due to its small size, it can warm up the chilliest corners of the room that a central heating system cannot reach.

For most users, Blaux Heater is capable of providing heat in the most practical manner and the best part about it is that it doesn’t take up a lot of space, it can be placed almost anywhere like on a table, floor, or desktop.  Also, the settings in the Blaux heater are adjustable, this means you can control the warmth and temperature as needed.

For improved safety the Blaux Heater has a timer, users can set the timer for the heater to avoid leaving it running for a prolonged period of time. Due to its portability, The Blaux Heater can be carried around and use it in the room of the house you are in, rather than switching on the central heating system which takes up a significant amount of electricity to run.

Read on to learn everything we have found about the portable Blaux Heater system and if can be a practical solution for you this winter.

Why Are Traditional Heating Methods Costly?

Keeping yourself warm throughout winter is a must and the task of keeping spaces warm and cozy can be expensive if you don’t prepare and opt for an alternative solution. Let’s take a look at the mechanisms the most popular heaters use to warm your home:

Central Heating System

Most homes nowadays come equipped with a central heating system and these systems come with a furnace that helps to heat the house by blowing hot air. This is a good option if you’re living in a big house, but remember it will be expensive. There are other downsides to it as well, for example, it takes a long time for the system to heat the entire house, at average, it requires about an hour. Even with that, there are chances that it may not heat up the chillier parts of the house.

Oil-Filled Radiant Heaters and Fireplaces

You would be aware the radiant heat typically comes from hot surfaces, this is exactly how oil-filled heaters work, they heat the surroundings by heating up the oil inside. Once the oil is heated up, it then goes on to heat the surroundings for a long period of time. Though it is not as expensive as central heating systems, it can be extremely dangerous if you have kids or pets at home.

Fireplaces have gone through various changes over time, you now have the option of either having a wooden or an electric fireplace. But regardless of the kind of fireplace you may own, the problems that come with it are the same, for example, it can only heat up one room. Plus electric fireplaces can be very expensive and wooden fireplaces need to be cleaned thoroughly because if it isn’t cleaned the occupants of the room may inhale soot which may be harmful to them.

Blaux HeatCore
Blaux HeatCore

How Is The Blaux Heater Different?

As mentioned earlier, the Blaux heater is a mini heater that can warm up the room in a quick manner when switched on. It is not nearly as expensive as a central heating system or an electric fireplace. Furthermore, even though it heats up only one room at a time, it is portable, which means you can carry it to any room you want. Some of the best features of Blaux Heater worth highlighting include:

  • The Blaux heater does not result in expensive electricity bills.
  • Even though the Blaux heater is small it gives you a lot of heat, and due to the fact it has adjustable settings, you can control the amount of heat emitted from it.
  • Blaux Heater is a convection ceramic heater that will blow hot air in a short period of time and warm the room up. Ceramic heaters are exceptionally faster, safer, and are energy efficient.
  • Unlike oil-filled radiant heaters, Blaux heaters don’t have any kind of elements that are exposed to heat this is because the ceramic plate which is placed in the device contains a plastic casing over it which doesn’t heat up. This means you can easily touch the heater and pick it up without having to worry about hurting your fingers.

If you’re worried about accidentally leaving the Blaux Heater switched on for a prolonged period of time, the device has a timer that can be set to switch the device off after some time. Plus it also has a killswitch for additional safety located at the back that you can use to cut the power. No hot air will be allowed to come out of the device unless this particular button is activated first. Additionally, Blaux Heater comes with an upright safety switch, this is to switch the device off if it falls over when it’s on.

When using a regular heating system to warm up the house, some people can experience a musty smell that is left behind,  due to the dust and mold that ends up burning over time. But that is not the case with the Blaux heater, according to the official website, this device comes equipped with an antimicrobial filter that captures the dust from the air and prevents the growth of mold. This distinguishes this heater from other heating devices because you do not have mold growing or the musty smell. Rather the filter in the Blaux Heater can keep the room smelling fresh and clean. Additionally, users have the option of buying additional antimicrobial filters to change if the current one has a lot of dust accumulated in it.

As per the official website the device is easy to use and works after just a few steps:

First, Place the heater wherever you want.

Second, Make sure you switch on the safety switch located at the back of the device.

Third, Now use the buttons on top of the device to adjust the settings to your needs, like, heating level and timer.

Technical Aspects of the Blaux heater

  • Min power – 700 watts
  • Max power – 1200 watts
  • Timer setting – 1 to 3 hours
  • Ceramic heating which is energy-efficient
  • One stand-by switch
  • The power switch is located at the back
  • Has a gravity safety switch which turns the device off if it is not upright
  • Has antimicrobial filter
  • Cables are at the back of the device
Blaux Personal Heater
Blaux Personal Heater

The Blaux Heat Core is advertised as one of a kind heater solution that will help you stay warm throughout the winter season without burning a hole in your pocket, plus it has multiple safety features unlike the other types of heating systems available. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about it taking up a lot of space, you can place it anywhere due to its compact size.

But don’t let the compact size fool you, it can emit a good amount of heat, and also it does so almost instantly, this means you don’t have to wait for it to heat up.

Where To Buy The Blaux Heater?

You can purchase the Blaux heater on their official website, if you decide to buy the Blaux Heater is recommended that you do so by visiting their official website only, do not buy the Blaux heater on Amazon or other websites to avoid buying knockouts receive only the highest quality. When making a purchase you may save by purchasing multiple devices at the time, the price breakdown is as follow:

1 Blaux heaters unit is available for $89.99

2 Blaux heaters units available for $179.98

3 Blaux heaters units available for $202.48

4 Blaux heaters units available for $247.47

Blaux Heater Price
Blaux Heater Price

Blaux Heater Summary

The blaux Personal Heater offers a good solution to heat up spaces in the winter without rising electricity cost and an overall practical approach to warming up this winter. It’s worth mentioning that the device can heat up an area of around 250 ft and can work as a personal heater. To learn more about the Blaux heater and other devices offer by the Blaux brand be sure to visit their official website here.