4 Clever Ways to Save Money During Home Renovation

Upgrading our property is always at the back of our mind for several reasons, as not only can it add value to our homes if we are thinking of selling, but it can also provide a more pleasurable place to live if we are thinking of settling down for the long run. Home renovation can be an expensive project, though, as often teams of builders are needed and that is before we have even considered architects and planning departments. It is, therefore, important to do your homework before embarking on a project in order to handle it in the most cost-efficient manner possible.

In this article, we are going to look at 4 clever ways to save money during a home renovation that will allow you to create your dream home without costing the earth, so read on to find out more.

1. Set A Budget At The Start

There is no point going into a project blindly without considering your budget from the outset, otherwise, the chances are that you will either run out of money, or you will go so far over budget that you will be left in serious debt, paying it off for years. Work out what you can afford to spend and then stick to that budget. If you are looking for a new kitchen, just from a small amount of research you can tell that it is possible to spend anywhere from a couple of thousand pounds to tens of thousands so it is important to decide what you budget is, and then stick to it, otherwise you will be full of envy at worktops and fixtures that you cannot afford, and your project will not run as smoothly as you would like.

2. Get A Series Of Quotes

Most home renovation work is a serious affair, so it is crucial that you get a series of quotes from different tradesmen in order to get the best value for money. If, for example, you need a new roof for your home, it is such an expensive part of your house to renovate that you cannot afford to just accept the first quote that you receive as there will be many cowboy builders out there that will be looking to rip you off. By getting a roofing quote not only can you ensure that you get the best value for money, but you can also meet your prospective builders face to face, and this is a great way of working out if they are reputable or not, as your gut feeling will alert you to any rogue traders.

3. Can You DIY?

Obviously, if you need a new roof, this is not something that you are going to undertake yourself unless you are a qualified builder, but there are many aspects of home renovation that you could do with a little bit of research and nous. If you decide that your house needs a new lick of paint, then this could quite easily be achieved by watching a few home improvement videos and then learning from what you have seen. Indeed, painting is such a fun activity that you can engage the whole family, and turn it into a project whilst the kids are at home during holidays. You needn’t stop there, garden projects can often be done yourself, as can putting up shelves and bookcases, so before you reach for google, think about what you can do yourself.

4. Think About Materials

When it comes to building materials, most people always think of shiny new things, but unfortunately, new things tend to cost a lot of money. If you are looking to renovate on a budget, then why not visit reclamation yards or antique shops to try and find second-hand materials that could be repurposed? Not only are they far cheaper, but they will also add a bit of character to your home. Furthermore, if you are looking for new materials look at the cheaper end of the scale as there is no shame in using plywood rather than solid timber, and once painted, no-one will be able to tell the difference anyway.

As we have learned it is possible to save money when renovating your home as long as you are creative and think outside of the box. Make sure that you set a budget and do not exceed it and solicit plenty of quotes for major rebuilding work so that you receive the very best value for money from a reputable builder. If you can do the renovation yourself, do it, and think about building materials as you don’t always need bespoke kitchen furniture when a second-hand set that is painted and given a new lease of life will look just as good.