Jonah Engler Shares Tips for Helping Your Kids Remain Active

According to, helping your kids remain active will help them to turn into entrepreneurs. Even though it is very important to remain active in our daily lives you hardly find the time to be so. Kids need to be more active because they have low immunity and a sedentary lifestyle can be harmful to them. Your kid is also not going to be an exception to this. The little ones must be active physically for at least 60 minutes regularly. Here are some surefire guidelines that will help the toddlers remain active every single day.

1. Jonah Engler advises you to be a role model

Being responsible parents, it is the duty of the individuals to perform such activities that their kids are going to follow as well. In a nutshell, you must indulge in healthy behaviors for your child to imitate. Make it a point to perform workouts for at least 30 minutes every day. According to Jonah Engler, an adult person must get 3 hours of physical activity of moderate intensity every week to be in the best physical condition. In case you happen to be active, there is every chance that your child will likewise follow you.

2. Inspire your children to take part in sports

Try to inspire your kids in trying out various sports such as basketball, cricket, tennis, soccer, and so forth. In case they don’t like the idea of playing sports, they will perhaps enjoy dancing, performing yoga, or even cheerleading. Encourage them to do something they love doing out there.

3. Be innovative

It is feasible for organized activities to become costly because of all the fees and the equipment; however, this does not imply that the children won’t get the proper amount of activity. Again, the problem might be finding adequate time to do this. If your little one can’t take part in a regular baseball game, you need to be more innovative in that case. Below, are some recommendations for you:-

•Spend some time at the local playgrounds and parks with your kids

•While you are busy doing stuff on nice climatic conditions around your residence, motivate your children to enjoy themselves outside with their neighbors or siblings. Otherwise, venture out along with them and have a play tag. You may also ride bikes along with your children.

•Permit your child to play games around your residence on the rainy days. You can always go for some noise mayhem. Your kids might go after you holding a water gun or they might put up on a show as well.

•Perform workouts or yoga as a family within your residence.

•Your kids might likewise help you performing things in and around your residence. Dusting, vacuuming, or raking the fallen leaves will prove to be a decent workout for you as well as your children.

4. Put a restriction on electronic temptations

At present, you will come across many residences having more than one television. Apart from this, there is always the temptation of video games and smartphones. Being adults, we also find it tough to control our temptations. Make it a point to set some electronic-free time for your kids as well as for you where all of you can perform active and enjoyable times together. Do not allow your little ones to have any laptop or TV in their rooms during the electronic time. It has been recommended by Jonah Engler not to allow the kids over 2 hours of screen time daily.

5. Allow your kid to discover his passion

Your kids are going to pursue an activity in case they like it, and so it is essential to find out what attracts them the most. Any kind of physical activity will be great including dancing, hiking, or baseball. Bear in mind that they don’t need to be the best in that particular activity; they must be enjoying performing it.

6. Give stress on safety

It is a fact that all types of physical activities come with certain risks; therefore, make sure that your kid is working in the proper environment which is also quite safe for them out there. Also, ensure that they are not overdoing any physical activity and exercise. Consult with your pediatrician regarding any precaution that should be taken by you or any symptoms that ought to be watched out. Remember that the drawbacks of physical activities outweigh the injury risks.

7. Jonah Engler recommends giving priority to workouts

At present, the lives of people have become quite hectic and they hardly find time for performing exercises. It is essential for you as well as your kids to stay active, and one has to set time aside for it. It will be a nice idea to take out the planner to get everything organized properly.

8. Talk to the doctor of your child

The doctor of your child will be able to understand why it is essential to perform physical activity. He will also be capable of suggesting an activity for your kid that will be best for him. Do not go for any activity such as weight lifting or a 4-mile run which will make your young one become exhausted in the long run. Instead provide him with some active toys that will keep him engaged for hours together. Talk to your child’s medical practitioner in case his weight drops below the average level or if his workouts begin to interfere with his school activities. 


It is essential to bear in mind that exercises regularly and a balanced diet will be imperative for a healthy mind and body. It is even more imperative for a child who happens to be overweight. Teach your kids that how much they move and what food items they consume are essential for maintaining good health. It is advisable to start these healthy habits from an early age to make the best use of it. Get moving right now irrespective of the age of your children.