How Hackers Destroyed Online Gaming- What Can be Done?

Online gaming is more significant than ever before. Thanks to the emergence of popular free to play games like Fortnite, COD: Warzone and Valorant, the online player base is more extensive than ever. Streaming websites and pro-gaming competitions are getting more attention than ever before.

However, as these games are growing, an issue continues to rise. Hackers are managing to find their way into every aspect of gaming. Some games are getting wholly derailed because of online hackers taking the fun out of it for everyone.

Hackers are effectively destroying online gaming by attacking streams of famous players to hackers and cheaters being exposed in the biggest competitions.

How Are Hackers Affecting Online Gaming?

Hackers are currently a problem for almost every online game. Lavi cheats offer a database for all the different variety of hacks that players can use in games. The list of games and hacks available is so extensive.

Hackers ruin the game by getting an unfair advantage that makes it easier for them to eliminate other players. There’s a chance every online gamer knows the frustration of encountering a hacker. No matter how hard you try, these exploits manage to get the best of you.

What Are The Different Ways Hackers Cheat?

Hackers use several tools that give them an unfair advantage while gaming. There are different types of hacks that have unique functions. Here are the most popular types of hacks that individual gamers use.

1.      Aimbot

The aimbot hack is among the most common that players experience in the FPS gaming genre. Every popular online fps game has players that use aimbot to a certain extent. Certain FPS games are experiencing such high traffic of aimbot hackers that it’s completely starting to ruin the experience.

Valorant is a relatively newer title that promised zero cheaters in the game using the Vanguard anti-hack software. Still, it took hackers a few weeks to find exploits.

If you’re wondering how an aimbot works, it’s essentially a software that users can download. The software allows the player to shoot enemies without any need to aim their weapon. It uses the computer to determine the player’s location from the target and automatically adjusts the aim.

Hackers that use aimbot will often run weapons with the most ammo and take shots from ludicrous range. Some aimbot users try to hide their usage when people begin spectating them. Still, others blatantly use it without any worry.

In FPS games, every weapon has specific properties. Weapons that have a lot of ammo are typically slow to aim and fire. However, while using an aimbot, these weapons can clear out entire lobbies without a sweat.

2.      Wallhack

Aside from aimbot, the other most predominant software that hackers use is the wallhack. Wallhack is another software that is common in FPS gaming; however, it’s common in games like GTA and League of Legends.

Players that use the wallhack software can effectively go in between the walls on the map. It’s an advantage that ultimately takes away from any competitiveness in the game.

Using the wallhack software, players can access areas in the game that other players can’t. From these areas, they can easily flank opponents and get kills. When under pressure from other players, these hackers can escape into the walls.

The wallhack issue is so bad in certain games that it allows the hackers to shoot through the walls. Players will be able to take you out without you having any chance of seeing them.

Another form of wallhack software allows cheaters to see player positions through the walls. It’s an unfair advantage that lets them get ready where they otherwise wouldn’t be. Wallhacking is much easier to capture in comparison to aimbot.

It’s very noticeable when a player can make their way through a wall. All game developers should work on trying to eliminate these different hacks.

3.      Triggerbot

Triggerbot is software that players typically use in conjunction with aimbot to make them incredibly overpowered. Reaction time plays a significant role in an FPS game. How quickly you can get your finger on the trigger is the difference between winning and losing a round. Triggerbot completely takes that out of the equation because the software handles the shooting for the player.

The software practically starts the trigger the minute the software detects an enemy. As it’s the software, it can be almost impossible for another human to have a faster reaction time.

On its own, the hack isn’t that powerful, but when combined with aimbot, it just becomes illogical. Cheaters that use these will have some of the highest scores in the game. They essentially have to focus on moving around, which isn’t incredibly difficult.

This hack software finds so much use because it’s so easy to disguise. The hackers can adjust the settings to change when the triggerbot engages. A typical setting is to activate the trigger the minute the enemy appears within the enemy’s crosshairs. With a well-disguised aimbot and triggerbot, it can be challenging to determine whether a player is a hacker.

4.      Degrading The Reputation Of Gaming

Another major issue that hackers bring to the table deals with the overall reputation of gamers. As hackers become more common, pro players that don’t cheat often come under accusations of using some form of cheats.

To retain their credibility, these players are then forced to use eye trackers and other means of proving that they’re not cheating. These hackers also significantly impact the credibility of professional gaming. As e-sports continue to rise, any cheating scandals and hackers will only draw more negative attention.


While online gaming is a brilliant avenue that allows millions of people worldwide to interact with one another, the concept is definitely under threat because of hackers. Several games are experiencing a severe reduction in their player base as hackers ruin the experience for everyone.

Video game developers need to start focusing more on introducing more stringent anti-hack measures; otherwise, online gaming’s potential will be hindered.