An Overview Of Real Estate Marketing

It does not matter what you know; what matters is who knows you. It is a famous saying that fits perfectly in today’s highly competitive real estate market. Video marketing is crucial for any real estate brand, as it is the primary mode of communication. It informs the consumers about the extent of services of the brand.

Great video marketing strategies set a brand apart from its competitors. Many marketers make professional videos with video editing software to leave a long-lasting impact on consumers. Interestingly, over 85% of property buyers would like to associate with a real estate brand that uses video marketing strategies.

Stats back this and reveal that property listing with videos tends to attract 403% higher inquiries than text and pictures. Remember, the sky’s the limit for a brand that considers video marketing investment rather than an expense. Let us understand why video marketing is crucial in 2020, some creative ideas used here, and essential tips to boost ROI.

Why is Video Marketing a Thing in 2020?

  1. A reliable source of Lead Generation

How are real estate brands successful in getting people’s attention? The answer is simple, by rolling out engaging and informative videos. Video marketing is the key to success in the real estate industry as it works on all the sections of the sales funnel. It can attract over 300% more online traffic to cultivate leads. Here’s how:

  • Do you know that links to embedded video pages can get 157% better organic search results than those without it? It generates useful page views at the top of the sales funnel.
  • An appealing video can prove to be the last push property buyers need to make a buying decision. It is helpful at the bottom of the sales funnel.
  • Professionally produced videos are also useful in persuading buyers to trust a real estate brand.
  • Video generates four times more leads as compared to texts and pictures.

Marketers should take cues from the successful real estate brands to create a great mix of engaging video content and exciting shots. An ideal example to refer to is Brian Lewis’s real estate agent. He is known to roll out great videos highlighting the different features of the property and its external amenities.

Perfect Medium to Reach the Right Kind of Audience

You see, video marketing helps a brand in tapping the right kind of audience. The browsing patterns of consumers are changing. People who used to depend on local newspapers and magazines for buying properties now prefer to go online for it. Any brand that aims to attract more buyers should focus on releasing informative real estate videos.

The best part is, many of the top online platforms like Google, Bing, Instagram, and Facebook prioritize video content. Brands that fail to incorporate video marketing strategies to reach the audience might lose in the competition.

Versatile Medium 

Videos are quite versatile and resourceful. Moreover, when it comes to real estate business, the versatility may level up. Brands can use videos for:

  • Guiding the buyers into the tips and tricks of property investment to help them make a quick purchase decision
  • Sharing customer feedback and testimonials wherein they talk about their journey and experience with the brand.
  • Pre-property listings where the marketers introduce a brand to the consumers along with its services.

Ideal Way to Initiate Conversation

Do you know that consumers tend to retain over 95% of the content shown in the video compared to just 10% in pictures and texts? Information and message delivered through a video are more likely to stay with the viewers for a longer time. Videos are powerful enough to ignite conversation and spark the curiosity of the buyers. Some useful tips for initiating a conversation with the viewers:

  • Marketers can ask some relevant questions in their videos and encourage viewers to answer them. Apart from this, answering the queries in the first person tone is also an excellent technique to engage the target audience.
  • Brands can also roll out videos that directly address the queries and concerns of prospective buyers. Incorporating important features of the property, its history, price, area, and so on will hit the bull’s eye.

Creative Video Ideas used in the Real Estate Industry

Are you a real estate brand and wondering how to go about the video marketing strategies? No need to worry; here are some simple ideas to start with:

  • Listing Videos – It is a smart way to highlight the best listings along with its features. Marketers can release a listed video that will take the viewers on a tour of the property. They must take aerial shots and cover aspects like area, number of rooms, amenities, and make the video enticing and appealing.
  • Neighborhood Tour Video – Any brand that wishes to highlight the qualities and facilities offered by the property neighborhood should go for this video. It should release attractive videos that highlight the restaurants, schools, parks, and other neighborhood facilities and the best properties.
  • Agency Brand Video – It is the best brand introduction video. Marketers can roll out an engaging video to share their brand story, vision, and mission. They can also smartly use online slideshow maker to add essential pointers that will convince viewers to pick this brand over other players in the market.

8 Essential Tips for Real Estate Video Marketing

  1. Make your videos more Humane
  2. Sell the location and lifestyle along with the property
  3. Plan ahead of time
  4. 360-degree real estate video marketing is the key to success
  5. Roll out videos strategically
  6. Avoid making videos of over 5 minutes
  7. Use testimonials to build trust
  8. Determine an appropriate budget to create perfect and polished videos


You see, over 86% of the home buyers prefer to watch a video before going ahead with the purchase decision. Real estate video marketing has immense potential that is yet to be harnessed. It is an excellent way to attract customers to the services of a brand.

Marketers must create a video marketing plan that covers all the essential aspects of housing projects. The right video marketing strategies will establish a brand as the market leader known to add value to the consumers.