Man Greens Review: Does It Increase Your Testosterone?

There’s no shame in admitting that every so often, we need a little boost. With all of the stresses of our daily lives and all of the issues we face, it’s only natural that sometimes we need to give our bodies a little extra nudge.

Most of us probably take a supplement or two, in order to help give us that extra boost. However, many supplements that are out there, particularly the all-natural ones, don’t have the perfect blend of ingredients to really boost male health. Instead, many supplements are packed full of ingredients that may actually negatively impact men.

We’re talking about the ingredients that actually lower your testosterone levels. There are some ingredients, like Green tea (which is a common ingredient in many ‘healthy’ products), which actually lower your testosterone levels. For many men out there, who are suffering from low testosterone, which can leave them feeling lethargic and weak, this won’t help!

That’s why we’re stepping in to introduce you to a product that will help – Man Greens, the supplement that’s been designed to give you a boost to your testosterone and help you feel more like a man.


An Overview of Man Greens

Man Greens was designed by Chad Howse. A man who is health-conscious and cares about taking care of his own body, Chad loved the idea of taking a green supplement. In theory, those supplements were a great way to give his body a kick. They were supposed to boost your immune system, help you out in the gym, and overall leave you feeling strong and secure.

However, after doing a little background research, Chad quickly realized that the majority of the greens supplements on the markets – even the ones directed towards men – were actually pretty much useless. Many of them contained extra ingredients that weren’t even needed because they did very little to boost vitality or health.

Chad also discovered that a lot of the supplements that were marketed towards men contained ingredients that can actually have the opposite effect to the one desired.

One of the worrying things Chad discovered was that many of the supplements out there actually contain ingredients that help to boost estrogen levels, and either doesn’t help or lower your testosterone levels.

While men do have some estrogen, they have much less than women do, and generally speaking, they don’t need to boost production of it.

Chad saw that there needed to be a supplement on the market that catered towards men and did exactly what was needed. That was how Man Greens was born.


Pro & Cons of Man Greens

Now, we aren’t going to lie to you and say that this is the perfect supplement with absolutely no flaws because that isn’t true! Every company and product has both pros and cons.

We’re going to lay those out for you here to help you have a better understanding of whether this product is right for you.


  • A blend of all-natural ingredients
    • It means there are no toxic chemicals to flood your system, which means you’re less likely to suffer from side effects
  • Doesn’t contain estrogen boosting ingredients
    • Many of the ingredients found in supplements have some health benefits, but they’ve also been shown to have some estrogen boosting properties too
    • Because Man greens doesn’t contain these, you don’t have to worry about your estrogen levels getting too high
  • Generous money-back guarantee
    • If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your purchase, you’ve got a whole year to send your unused products back and get a refund! That’s how confident they are that you’ll love this product.


  • Only available to buy online
  • Have to pay for shipping with refunds
  • No samples available
  • Expensive

Ingredients of Man Greens

The ingredient list is one of the most important elements of a product description. After all, the ingredient list is the only thing that can really tell you how and why a product is going to work for you.

Man Greens has put a special emphasis on their ingredients list, and the importance of carefully selecting the ingredients so that they can give you the biggest boost possible to your health.

One of the big factors involved in the creation of Man Greens was making sure that customers could see an increase in their testosterone levels without boosting their estrogen, so the ingredients were very important.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients list now:

  • Forskolin
    • If you’ve never heard of this powerful plant before, don’t worry. We’re going to tell you everything you need to know about it
    • Forskolin has been studied for over a decade as a useful ingredient in weight loss among obese individuals
    • All of us have concerns about maintaining a healthy weight, and as we get older, those fears only increase
    • Maintaining a healthy weight and a lower level of body fat is an excellent way to keep your health in check, and Forskolin has been shown to be a useful ingredient in achieving this goal
  • Horny Goat Weed
    • Horny Goat Weed has been used for years (as you might have guessed from the name) as a treatment for erectile dysfunction
    • This is because of the vasodilating properties of the plant
    • It makes it very useful for treating the poor blood circulation that may lead to erectile dysfunction
    • Not only that, but these vasodilating properties are also useful for exercise and general health
    • Vasodilation increases the blood flow around your body
    • This increased blood flow also means that your body is more oxygenated, which means that you’re more likely to perform better in the gym and work out for longer!
  • Turmeric
    • Turmeric is a great ingredient to boost your overall health – there’s a reason you might see it getting added to just about everything
    • Turmeric has a whole host of great benefits for the body, including the fact that it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and also an antioxidant
    • Anti-inflammatories and antioxidants have been theorized to be powerful agents in decreasing the risk of heart disease in the long run

Other ingredients found in Man Greens include:

  • Ashwagandha
  • Beetroot
  • Maca
  • Moringa
  • Spinach
  • Spirulina


How Does Man Greens Work?

The blend of all-natural ingredients works to deliver users a supplement that can help them in their daily life, without sacrificing anything. Instead of packing the supplement with ingredients that sound like they should be useful but do nothing, Man Greens only uses ingredients that have been shown to have positive health benefits.

Man Greens has also looked at some of the ingredients that are often added to supplements that may be good for overall health but are not good in terms of their impact on testosterone levels.

There are many ingredients that can be used in health supplements that actually decrease your testosterone levels or increase your estrogen levels. While these may be good ingredients for women’s supplements, they should be left out of male supplements.

Benefits of Using the Man Greens Supplement Powder

Man Greens targets three different problem areas that a lot of men face.

We’ll go over them here:


One of the problems that many men encounter is fatigue – mental or physical. The body needs to take time to recover after doing anything strenuous like a workout, and if it can’t effectively recover, you can become easily exhausted.

One way to help your endurance and performance is through the use of adaptogens (Ashwagandha and Turmeric are two ingredients that are adaptogens.)

They’re called adaptogens because they adapt to your body’s needs. It means that no matter what your reason for fatigue is, you’re likely to see a benefit from them.

Some may suffer from mental fatigue after working for long hours. Others may be seeing physical fatigue from exercise or hard labor, and over time, it can become hard to get over this fatigue.

Adaptogens help your body to recover from this fatigue. It means that you’re more likely to feel refreshed and ready to jump back into whatever you were doing.

Overall Health

Some of the ingredients included in Man Greens that help boost your overall health and vitality include Spirulina and Spinach.

Unfortunately, in a modern diet, a lot of us may find ourselves reaching for foods that aren’t packed full of the necessary nutrients that we need to keep our overall vitality up.

It can be difficult to make sure that you’re getting your daily intake of all of the necessary nutrients, especially because many of us just don’t have the time every day to carefully comb through our diet and find the gaps in our nutrition.

That’s why Man Greens is packed full of all of the superfoods that you need to give you all of the nutrients that you should be getting every day. It’s much easier and much more simple than trying to figure out where your diet is lacking.

Boosts Testosterone

The problem with many other supplements on the market is that they’re full of ingredients like green tea, flaxseed, or alfalfa. These are great ingredients for boosting your overall vitality, but there’s one problem.

These ingredients either limit your body’s natural production of testosterone or actively increase the rate at which your body produces estrogen. Men do need a little estrogen in their bodies, but the levels are very low.

Unless you have a hormonal imbalance, it’s very unlikely that you’ll be needing to increase your estrogen levels. That’s why Man Greens decided not to include these ingredients. Instead, they are focusing on the ingredients that help your testosterone levels.

Possible Side Effects of Using Man Greens Supplements

Man Greens supplements are made from a blend of powerful all-natural ingredients. This supplement has been designed in a way that means the side effects of using this supplement will be very minimal, but you should still be aware that you may suffer from some minor side effects.

The most likely cause of any side effects to using Man Greens is that you may have an allergic reaction to some of the ingredients listed. You should carefully look over the ingredient list we’ve provided to make sure you aren’t allergic to anything included.

The other factor that may mean you suffer from side effects is if you’re taking any kind of prescription medication. Even natural ingredients can interfere with the way prescription medication behaves. If you’re taking any medication long term, you should always consult your doctor before taking a supplement.


Who Should Use Man Greens?

Man Greens is a supplement designed for, well… Men. These herbal supplements are designed to naturally aid your body’s testosterone production and help boost your overall health.

You might benefit from using Man Greens if any of the issues listed below seem familiar to you:

  • Low energy
  • Low libido
  • High levels of stress – difficulty sleeping

Who Should Refrain from the Man Greens Supplement?

Man Greens gives an assurance that it’s safe for the vast majority of the population to use. However, there are some groups of people who should refrain from using the supplement to avoid suffering from any unpleasant side effects.

Anyone taking prescription medication for an ongoing condition should consult their doctor or another medical professional before taking Man Greens or any other kind of supplement.

Natural ingredients are generally safe, but they can interact with medications. Sometimes they can render those drugs completely useless, and sometimes they can actually increase the potency of the drug in your system, which can have serious consequences.

Given the name, you’ve probably already guessed that this isn’t a supplement designed for use for women. Although women are unlikely to suffer from any seriously unpleasant side effects from using this product, it should be noted that some of the ingredients do target the hormonal production of the body. Since some of the ingredients are designed to increase the amount of testosterone in the body, this may be unsuitable for women.

Anyone under the age of eighteen should not take Man Greens, or any other kind of supplement or medication unless advised by their doctor. Supplements are not suitable for those under the age of eighteen, as they can have an effect on the way the body develops as you age.

Dosage & Tips to Start Using Man Greens

Man Greens comes in the form of an easy-to-use powder that should be taken every day. It’s recommended that you take one dose of Man Greens in the morning to kick start your day.

Man Greens is a powder that can just be easily scooped into a glass of water and mixed in. The daily dosage is one scoop a day. Man Greens comes with a nice orange flavor, which gives it a nice and refreshing taste first thing in the morning.

Where Can You Buy the Man Greens Supplement From?

Man Greens is available to buy online only from the official website. While this may seem like a bit of a pain at first, it’s actually a blessing in disguise.

First of all, this means that you don’t have to go out of your way to buy your supplement. Instead, it’s just delivered straight to your door. This makes it easy and hassle-free to get your daily boost.

Second of all, since you can only buy this product from the official website, you’re assured of the quality of the product. Because you know that the product is only available from one place, you’re assured that if you see it for sale anywhere else, it’s not a genuine product that can be trusted.

When you buy Man Greens from the official website, you’re assured that the quality of the products is high, and it’s been tested to make sure it’s safe for use.



To Conclude – Should You Consider Buying Man Greens?

With all of that information at your disposal, it’s come time to ask yourself whether or not this is the right product for you.

Choosing the right supplement to cover all of your bases can be difficult, especially if you’ve got a lot of different issues that you want to try and aid. That’s the reason why many people end up taking lots of different supplements. Some people end up taking one supplement for their time at the gym, another to boost their brainpower and focus, and then another to help get a restful night’s sleep.

But rather than paying out lots of money for different individual products, Man Greens provides all of the benefits in one handy powder. Rather than looking at multiple supplements to see if any of them interact with each other, you can just get all of the benefits in one product, making your life easier.

It is a product designed specifically by and for men. It’s been crafted to help with any issues that are common among men and has made sure not to include ingredients that are actually detrimental to your testosterone levels, helping you feel more confident and stronger.

And with such a generous returns policy, with 365 days to return the product if you’re unsatisfied, why not give it a shot?