Oakbend Medical Center Modifies Visitor Policy As Of Monday, August 31    

Richmond, Tx…. Effective Monday, August 31st, OakBend Medical Center will implement a modification to its Visitor Policy to allow one visitor per patient per day. This decision comes as a result of weeks of research, executive team meetings, and assessment of the impact of COVID-19 hospital wide as well as across the Greater Houston and Fort Bend communities.

The executive team has taken all of these factors into consideration in order to ensure that we can continue to provide a healthy and safe working environment for not only our OakBend patients, but our staff and physicians.

The revised Visitor Policy and its exclusions are listed below:

  • One visitor per patient per day
  • Visiting hours are 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • No visitors under the age of 18 allowed
  • No visitors allowed on the COVID 19 unit as well as isolation patients until further notice
  • The main lobby doors will remain closed after 5:00 PM. The Emergency Room entrance will remain open 24/7.

According to OakBend Administrator, Marilyn Phillips, “OakBend is fully prepared to safely care for patients, and is equipped with both the resources, as well as staff, to fully support the revised Visitor Policy. OakBend always has the safety of our patients, physicians, and staff the number one priority.”


About OakBend Medical Center:

OakBend Medical Center is the last remaining independent, nonprofit hospital in the Greater Houston area, providing exceptional service with its three hospitals and many specialty centers. OakBend follows an innovative model of care that makes the patient the captain of the care team, up ending the traditional approach to nursing where the doctors and nurses act as leaders of the team. This patient-centered care drives OakBend’s services and programs, including its signature No Wait ER, and the Jack and Billie Wendt Acute Care for the Elderly (ACE) unit.

We remain committed to developing the absolute best ways to care for our patients, ensuring a healthy future for generations to come. For more information, please visit www.oakbendmedcenter.org. Connect with us on FacebookTwitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Snapchat.