It’s Never Too Late: New Relationships After 40

When two young lovers are happy together, everything seems simple, bright, and promising. When mature people meet, who have already experienced mistakes, disappointments, and breakups, it is an entirely different story. Senior relationships — how is that?

There Is Doubt Everywhere

Indeed, why would you even start new mature women dating on when your current life suits you perfectly? There are close people, interesting work. The children have grown up — there is finally time to take care of yourself: someone changes their profession, someone masters a new hobby, goes in for sports, loses weight, has the opportunity to travel, and does it with pleasure. What a wonderful life!

Or the opposite: the previous relationship was so stressful and exhausting that it took all your strength, and now you just want to be alone with yourself finally. And at the same time, get to know yourself better: what you like to do, what gives you strength and inspiration. And in general, not to rush into a new relationship — even if there is already a person who does not mind getting closer. Because it is terrifying that everything will end again — and it will hurt again.

Why Isn’t It Working? Perhaps You Are…

  • Skeptical about the whole process of finding love. Maybe you think that everything is too late for you, or dating services do not inspire confidence in you (and in vain!), and it is generally not clear where a single woman can come from.
  • Not ready to continue or even start a relationship, because you want guarantees, so you do not give a chance to yourself or your potential partner. Still, people reveal in the process of communication, relationships develop gradually, and there are not many chances to identify your soul mate instantly. But if you meet people just for fun, communicate, because it is interesting to both — communication can develop into friendship, and friendship — into something more.
  • Too critical of the choice: you already have formed in your head the most detailed picture of the ideal woman with whom you are ready to enter into a relationship. It is unlikely that anyone can fit into this picture completely!

What Scares Us

  • Is there enough personal space? How to talk about finances? You can agree on finances and any other issues in the same way: talk openly about your concerns, listen to your partner’s concerns, and find a compromise. By the way, there is nothing wrong with a separate budget.
  • Is it worth making the relationship official? Marriage or freedom is up to you. And now you can definitely not listen to the opinions of others and decide for yourself whether you want a wedding.

What to Do?

If you want a mature, healthy, and happy relationship, and previously you didn’t succeed in it very well, then first you should sort it out in your head. As long as there are unresolved conflicts, old traumas, unfinished relationships, and grievances inside you, your new relationship will only be an unconscious reproduction of past scenarios.